Wonderful Ones
The Wonderful Ones
Universe Wonderful 101
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances ---
Recent Game Wii U Wonderful 101
Availability Starter
Final Smash Wonderful Forever/Unite Big

The Wonderful Ones makes their first appearance as a playable characters to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. The Wonderful Ones are comprised of seven playable characters:

Aesthetically, they appear as the same from The Wonderful 101 and use their many abilities found within the games. Game play wise, they appear different but similar to each other with each Wonderful One possessing very similar attacks yet very different attacks. Each Wonderful One has a unique Neutral Special for each custom set as well as various different attacks. Each Wonderful One also has different stats in terms of power, jump, speed, and so on.


Each Wonderful One has different stats that favor different plat styles. Here are the following stats as well as specialized stats with 1 being the top and 7 being the bottom:

Ranking Power Speed Jump Defense
1 Wonder Yellow Wonder White Wonder Pink Wonder Green
2 Wonder Red Wonder Pink Wonder White Wonder Yellow
3 Wonder Black Wonder Black Wonder Red Wonder Blue
4 Wonder Blue Wonder White Wonder Black Wonder Red
5 Wonder Green Wonder Blue Wonder Blue Wonder Black
6 Wonder Pink Wonder Yellow Wonder Yellow Wonder White
7 Wonder White Wonder Green Wonder Green Wonder Pink
Ranking Punch Kick Throw Weapon
1 Wonder Red Wonder Pink Wonder Yellow Wonder Black
2 Wonder Yellow Wonder Green Wonder White Wonder Yellow
3 Wonder Blue Wonder Blue Wonder Green Wonder Blue
4 Wonder Green Wonder White Wonder Red Wonder Green
5 Wonder Pink Wonder Red Wonder Blue Wonder White
6 Wonder White Wonder Yellow Wonder Pink Wonder Pink
7 Wonder Black Wonder Black Wonder Green Wonder White
Ranking Reach Weight Height Attack Speed
1 Wonder Green Wonder Green Wonder White Wonder Black
2 Wonder Pink Wonder Yellow Wonder Yellow Wonder Green
3 Wonder Blue Wonder Blue Wonder Blue Wonder Yellow
4 Wonder Yellow Wonder Red Wonder Green Wonder Blue
5 Wonder Black Wonder White Wonder Pink Wonder Red
6 Wonder White Wonder Pink Wonder Red Wonder Pink
7 Wonder Red Wonder Black Wonder Black Wonder White
Ranking Explosions Combo Projectile Killing Moves
1 Wonder Black Wonder White Wonder Green Wonder Yellow
2 Wonder Red Wonder Pink Wonder Black Wonder Red
3 Wonder Green Wonder Black Wonder Pink Wonder Black
4 Wonder Yellow Wonder Blue Wonder Blue Wonder Blue
5 Wonder Blue Wonder Red Wonder Red Wonder White
6 Wonder Pink Wonder Green Wonder White Wonder Pink
7 Wonder White Wonder Yellow Wonder Yellow Wonder Green


Each Wonderful One has a different sort of play style though they commonly share the same moves with a few distinctions. The Wonderful Ones are primarily charge fighters and many of their attacks, especially the Unite type attacks as they are needed to be charged up in order to increase the size and damage output. However, certain character require less time to charge or have less lag and they can attack quicker than other characters.

Wonder Red

Wonder Red is a medium ranked character with great power and punching stats. He is solely a melee fighter save for his unite Fireball. He excels in hand to hand combat and delivering powerful attacks from his Vulcan Knuckles and his Unite Fist. His regular attacks lack reach and deal damage mostly close up but has increased power and knockback to them. He is an in your face fighter that is largely balanced.

Wonder Blue

Wonder Red is a sword fighter that excels at attack speed and defense though he doesn't exactly excel in any certain area and remains largely balanced as well. He has good reach his his Valiantium Blade and even more so with his Unite Sword and Unite Lightning. However, his speed and jump is lacking due to his weight. This gives him good launch resistance though. He is able to punish opponents who have openings and is a good offensive and defensive fighter.

Wonder Pink

Wonder Pink's strength lies in her jump and reach stats. She can easily keep opponents at bay through her kicking attacks. However, she lacks in the punch and throw stats. In addition, she is a light weight and can be launched easily. However, her speed puts her at an advantage as she can move in and out of an opponents attack zone. Her jump, reach, and speed stats allows Wonder Pink to literally run circles around the opponent with her kicking attacks and then utilize her Unite Whip when she moves out of the zone.

Wonder Green

Wonder Green is a camper and specializes in long distance attacks. His Unite Gun can deliver highly powerful yet precise projectiles. Due to his weight, he is rather slow and has poor jumping abilities but this makes his kicks more damaging and he has some of the best launch resistance around. His speed is lacking though since she struggles to keep up with the faster characters. He uses his Christine Daaé to keep opponents at bay and away from him at all times.

Wonder Yellow

Wonder Yellow is a powerhouse and one of the strongest characters in the entire roster, not just The Wonderful 101. His Peta Peta Hammer has decent reach but does area damage. When fully charged, it is devastating. However, it requires a lot of charging time and Wonder Yellow has a lot of lag to his attacks though he does possess the most super armor as a result. His speed is lacking due to his size and weight as if his jumping abilities. However, he has good defense and launch resistance and he can usually shrug off attacks that would kill lighter characters.

Wonder Black

Wonder Black is a complex character that utilizes various explosions to deal tremendous amounts of damage. Due to his small size, he is a hard target but is the lightest Wonderful One. In addition, he lacks powerful melee attacks and has poor punching and kicking abilities. However, his explosions deal large amounts of damage and has a wide radius. In addition, His Unite Bomb can slow down time making him a very technical fighter.

Wonder White

Wonder White is the fastest Wonderful One and has the highest attack speed stat. His attacks become a blur and can even suck in opponents. He also has many combos and many of his attacks do hitstun. However, he is a big target due to his height and is a rather light character making him a big target for powerful attacks. To combat this, he is very fast and can jump putting him out of harms reach. He can deliver many attacks in a blink of an eye.

Reveal TrailerEdit

"A Wonderful Intervention" Time: 4:20 Scene: A bustling metropolis

The reveal trailer starts off an aerial view of bustling metropolis in the afternoon. Helicopters buzz overhead, cars are honking, and every thing seems sunny and bright. Suddenly an explosion rises up from the north section and a roar is heard.

The scene then cuts to the middle of the explosion. Everything is covered in smoke, fire, and ash while scared civilians run about; unsure what to make with this maddness. From the smoke steps out Mario, Link, Pit, Samus, Bayonetta, Marth, Lucario, and Matthew who all get into their battle stances while awaiting the terror that awaits them. From the smoke, an unearthly beast roars and rising out from its a gigantic Giga Bowser. Giga Bowser continues to grow and grow until he is towering over all them; blocking out the sun. Mario narrows his eyes and jumps forward but is instantly slapped into a nearby building; crashing into it. Link, Marth, and Matthew all charge forward with swords drawn but are flattened when Giga Bowser steps on top of them; driving them into the pavement. Samus appears right next to Giga Bowser's head and fires a missile which doesn't do a thing. Bowser chomps down on Samus and then spits her off causing her to fly off into the sky.

Bayonetta and Lucario charges forth; dodging the attacks from Giga Bowser and jump forward but get slammed away from his tail causing them to be launched down the street; skidding on the pavement. Pit looks absolutely terrified and looks to Mario. The scene changes to Mario lying in a rubble of the building. The scene then changes to Link, Marth, and Matthew embedded into the pavement. The scene then switches to Samus burnt to a crisp while crumbled into a bus stop. It then shifts to Bayonetta and Lucario; laying unconscious in the street. Giga Bowser roars triumphantly and steps towards Pit. Pit steps back; frightening and frozen.

Suddenly, an announcers voices can be heard with both Pit and Giga Bowser unsure to where it is coming from:

"When the world is in danger, there is only one superhero to call! They come in a variety of colors but their leader is RED! Armed with the CENTINEL suits and the Unite Morph ability, they pound evil into space dust! They are the..."

A flash of red then flashes forward and punches Giga Bowser causing him to fall down. He tries to get up but another red blur punches him in his gut; causing Giga Bowser to roar in pain. The red blur shout out:

"Unite Hand!"

Pit feels himself start to be lifted from the ground to his surprise and sees the other fighters also lifted from the ground. They are absorbed into the air. The camera pans from the huge hand that has formed and to the person wielding it; showing Wonder Red.

He jumps high into the air and comes crashing back down with his Unite Hand stretched out. Giga Bowser gets up and is about to fight back but the attack slams the Unite Hand into Giga Bowser. Knocking him into the air and causing him to land into several skyscrapers. Angrily, he roars and continues to grow in size while gathering power. He grows even larger and dashes forward slamming his fist and kicking Wodner Red; causing him to lose his powers and the earlier fighters are separated from his Unite Hand.

Wonder Red tries to get up but he is unable to and collapses from his injuries. Pit looks on as Giga Bowser approaches them. However, once again a mysterious voice is heard:

"While one Wonderful One may be strong on their own, they have the support from not only the Wonderful One team but from the people they protect as well! This creates an effective and powerful fighting team!" Suddenly, in the air a voice is heard:

"Unite WHIP!"

Giga Bowser is thrown to the ground with a whip wrapped around his head. He tries to get up but another voice is heard: "Unite GUN!!!"

A bullet knocks Giga Bowser off his feet and send shim tumbling along the ground. He goes to stand up up another voice is heard:

"Unite Hammer!!!!"

Giga Bowser is slammed down to the ground by a huge hammer; leveling him. Once again, from the air comes another voices:

"Unite Claws!!!"

Giga Bowser is slashed over and over as he lays on the ground; roaring in pain. From the shadows comes a small, whisper:

"Unite Bomb.."

Giga Bowser is blasted high into the air; spiraling as he goes. As he is thrown upwards, he looks to his right and a blur blur appears:


This attack launches Giga Bowser high into the air until he becomes a speck. The scene then cuts to Wonder Red standing up slightly with Pit looked up amazed. Standing around them are the following:

Wonder Blue, Wonder Pink, Wonder Yellow, Wonder Green, Wonder White, and Wonder Black.

The mysterious voice, the announcer, says:

"No job is impossible for The Wonderful Ones!!!"

The scene then shifts to game play footage of the Wonderful Ones:

  • It shows Wonder Red, Wonder Pink, Wonder Blue, Wonder Yellow, Wonder Green, Wonder White, and Wonder Black on the Blossom City stage. They all do their "I'm Wonder ..." taunt.
  • Shows Wonder Red using an uncharged Unite Hand on Wonder Blue who is knocked away but returns and does a fully charged Unite Sword; blasting the opponent away.
  • It shows Wonder Pink running and kicking the Link into the air; dealing damage.
  • It then cuts to Wonder Yellow hammering Donkey Kong with his Forward and Down Smash attacks. However, he is blasted away by Wonder Black who is playing on his video games system.
  • It then shows Bowser running away while the Wonderful Ones chase him.
  • It then shows Wonder Green using his Unite Gun to blast Samus far away but is then beat senseless through quick attacks by Wonder Pink.
  • It then shows Shiek running forward but is stopped dead by Wonder White who deliver various quick attacks to Shiek.
  • It shows Mario and Wonder Red; standing side by side while in their fighting animations.
  • It then shows very quick videos of each Wonderful One activating their neutral specials.
  • It then shows them fighting against Bowser who grabs the Smash Ball and becomes Giga Bowser. He roars triumphantly but then, suddenly, Wonder Red calls out "Unite Red!"

The scene changes to an animation sequence where Wonder Red begins to grow taller and taller; becoming the Unite Big version of himself. Giga Bowser looks absolutely terrified and whimpers slightly before being punched and launched into the stratosphere.

The Wonderful Ones separate and then the announcer is heard again:

"For the first time ever! The Wonderful Ones!"

They all then strike a dramatic pose. This cuts into the logo sequence for Super Smash Bros. 5.

Then the final sequence then shows Wonder Red in his Space Pirate costume which then pans down showing Wonder Pink in her Alice Pink costume, Unmasked Blue, Space Pirate Wonder Yellow, Unmasked Green and White, and Space Pirate Black.


  • The Wonderful Ones are considered both individual characters as well as alternative costumes by the development team. According to director Masahiro Sakurai "You can say the Wonderful Ones are the product of mixing Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings with the Mii Fighter. We sort of went overboard. :laughs: