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Wonder Wisp is an eight-chapter series of short stories, written by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc), and the aforementioned creator's first original story. The story, written similarly to Fantendo - Genesis, or an episode of an RTAverse TV show episode, follows Annalise Crihana, as her attempt to uncover a series of odd events happening at her workplace leads to a "spooky" adventure in New York City.

The story began on August 27, 2016. It was finished on TBA.



Story Archive

Chapter 1 - Questionable Work Choice

The chapter opens in New York City, with a shot of a twelve floor hotel, newly-renovated and gleaming in the burning sunlight. In the back of the parking lot, a blonde-haired woman, wearing a red t-shirt and baggy navy jeans, her hair tied into a neat ponytail, bikes across the lot, stopping to let cars go by. The woman eventually stops at a bike stand, parking and locking it; the bike visibly having her name, Annalise Crihana, engraved on the side. She goes to the back entrance, walking through the door into the hotel.

The woman glances around at the lobby, nervous, before walking up to the greeting desk. The bored-looking desk clerk looks up from her paperwork to gaze at Annalise. The clerk has chin-length black hair, with a few (visibly dyed) red streaks, and, oddly enough, there are various doodles and drawings on her left hand and arm, likely done in black marker.

Desk Clerk: ...can I help you?
Annalise: Um, hi...I applied for a job here about a month ago, I was told my shift began today and that I should go to the desk clerk for directions to the manager's office?

The clerk raises a pointed eyebrow.

Desk Clerk: You applied to work here?
Annalise: Uh, yes.

The same clerk narrows her eyes, suspicious.

Desk Clerk: ...willingly?

Annalise, somewhat surprised by the lack of positivity from a desk clerk, of all people, glances at the clerk's name tag; Carrie Rendino.

Annalise: You...aren't enjoying yourself, are you?
Carrie: Not in the slightest.
Annalise: Well, can you point me to where the manager's officer is?

Carrie drops her gaze, going back to the paperwork.

Carrie: Hate to break it to you, but he doesn't have an office. As far as I know.

Annalise looks perplexed.

Annalise: Well, where is he, then?

Carrie shrugs hopelessly.

Carrie: Probably around. I don't even know.
Annalise: Helpful. Thanks anyways.

Annalise walks away, slightly miffed, and walks across the lobby. She finds a large billboard on the wall, and it seems to be a map of the hotel. She checks it, seeing a main office on the third floor, and a hotel wardrobe on the fifth. She rolls her eyes, turning back around to head for the elevator, passing the desk again on the way. As she walks, she turns her head towards Carrie.

Annalise: Hey, you do realize he does have an office, right?

Carrie looks up from her paperwork again.

Carrie: I've worked here two days and applied online, without even talking to the man. Sorry that I couldn't assist you in your special work needs.

Carrie enters the elevator, making a mental note to avoid asking the desk clerk any more questions, as she pushes the button for the third floor.
On her way up, the elevator stops on the second floor, and a man walks in. He's a dark-skinned man a few years older than Annalise; his blonde hair is cut very short, borderline a crew cut, and he has a large golden earring on his right ear. He's much more alert and awake than the unenthusiastic Carrie from a few moments ago, but he doesn't stop to even look at Annalise; he's busy on the phone, talking feverishly to what sounds like an angry client. His work outfit also has a name tag; Dameon Keanan. He continues on the phone, pausing everytime his client is presumably speaking.

Dameon: I'm very, very sorry, ma'am, our staff has looked all over the building and your child has not been seen....have you called 911 yet? Or the police?...wait, what're you?...wait, wait, are you telling me your child has been playing in the basement the entire time when just an hour ago you said he was missing?...I don't care you haven't had your pills, missus, you just took a good hour out of my life that I could've spe—yes, I am accusing you of lying, yo—well, pardon my Spanish, ma'am, but ¡vayan a meterse en una tostadora de mierda!.

Dameon hangs up the phone, just as the elevator is almost at the third floor. He acknowledges a terrified-looking Annalise for the first time.

Dameon: You, uh, must pardon the severe foreign insults. I'm not technically allowed to curse on the job...
Annalise: Oh, uh, no, it's fine.

A moment of silence. The elevator stops at the third floor, and the two both exit. Annalise pauses as Dameon walks the other way.

Annalise: Hey, wait, do you know where the boss guy's office is?
Dameon: Down the hall. Make a right at the window at the end of the corridor.

Dameon disappears around the corner as he pulls out his phone again and groans loudly. Annalise snorts, wondering if the same lady was calling him back, and turns to go to the main office.

Chapter 2 - Strange Events

Chapter 3 - Ghostbusters

Chapter 4 - Finian Felicis

Chapter 5 - Phantom of the Apartment

Chapter 6 - The City That Never Sleeps

Chapter 7 - The Human, The Ghost, and The Alien

Chapter 8 - Do Not Disturb

Chapter 9 - Shadows of the Night

Chapter 10 - Wisp Lord

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