Wonder Wisp is an eight-chapter Fantendo - Drive series, written by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc), this being the aforementioned creator's first original story. The comic, written similarly to Fantendo - Genesis, or an episode of an RTAverse TV show episode, follows Annalise Crihana, as her attempt to uncover a series of odd events happening at her workplace leads to a "spooky" adventure in New York City.

The story began development on August 27, 2016. It slowly entered development hell, however, and is currently on hiatus. It is likely that writing will fully begin in Summer 2017.



Story Archive

Chapter 1 - Mundane Work Choice

The chapter opens in New York City, with a shot of a twelve floor hotel, newly renovated and gleaming in the burning sunlight. In the back of the parking lot, a blonde-haired woman, wearing a red t-shirt and baggy navy jeans, and her hair tied into a neat ponytail, bikes across the lot, stopping to let cars go by. She eventually stops at a bike stand, parking and locking it: the bike visibly having her name, Annalise Crihana, engraved on the side. She goes to the back entrance, walking through the door into the hotel.

The woman glances around at the somewhat busy lobby, unsure where to go, before walking up to the greeting desk. The bored-looking desk clerk looks up from her paperwork to gaze at Annalise. The clerk has chin-length black hair, with a few (visibly dyed) red streaks, and, oddly enough, there are various doodles and drawings on her left hand and arm, likely done in black marker.

Desk Clerk: ...can I help you?
Annalise: Um, hi...I applied for a job here about a month ago, I was told my shift began today and that I should go to the desk clerk for directions to the manager's office?

The clerk raises a pointed eyebrow.

Desk Clerk: You applied to work here?
Annalise: Uh, yes.

The same clerk narrows her eyes, suspicious.

Desk Clerk: ...willingly?

Annalise, somewhat surprised by the lack of positivity from a desk clerk, of all people, glances at the clerk's name tag; Carrie Rendino.

Annalise: You...aren't enjoying yourself, are you?
Carrie: Not in the slightest.
Annalise: Well, can you point me to where the manager's officer is?

Carrie drops her gaze, going back to the paperwork.

Carrie: Hate to break it to you, but he doesn't have an office. As far as I know.

Annalise looks perplexed.

Annalise: Well, where is he, then?

Carrie shrugs hopelessly.

Carrie: Probably around. I don't even know.
Annalise: Helpful. Thanks anyways.

Annalise walks away, slightly miffed, and walks across the lobby. She finds a large billboard on the wall, which seems to be a map of the hotel. She checks it, spotting a main office on the third floor, and a hotel wardrobe on the fifth. She turns back around to head for the elevator, passing the front desk again on the way. As she walks, she turns her head towards Carrie.

Annalise: Hey, you do realize he does have an office, right?

Carrie looks up from her paperwork again.

Carrie: Do I look like I pay an ounce of attention to what goes on around outside of this desk? I've got no interest in exploring this place, trust me.

Anna enters the elevator, making a mental note to avoid asking the desk clerk any more questions, as she pushes the button for the third floor.
On her way up, the elevator stops on the second floor, and a man walks in. He's a dark-skinned man a few years older than Annalise; his blonde hair is cut very short, borderline a crew cut, and he has a large golden earring on his right ear. He's much more alert and awake than the unenthusiastic Carrie from a few moments ago, but he doesn't stop to even look at Annalise; he's busy on the phone, talking feverishly to what sounds like an angry client. His work outfit also has a name tag; Dameon Keanan. He continues on the phone, pausing everytime his client is presumably speaking.

Dameon: I'm very, very sorry, ma'am, our staff has looked all over the building and your child has not been seen....have you called 911 yet? Or the police?...wait, what're you?...wait, wait, are you telling me your child has been playing in the basement the entire time when just an hour ago you said he was missing?...I don't care you haven't had your pills, missus, you just took a good hour out of my life that I could've spe—yes, I am accusing you of lying, yo—well, pardon my Spanish, ma'am, but ¡vayan a meterse en una tostadora de mierda!.

Dameon hangs up the phone, just as the elevator is almost at the third floor. He acknowledges a terrified-looking Annalise for the first time.

Dameon: You, uh, must pardon the severe foreign insults. I'm not technically allowed to curse on the job...
Annalise: Oh, uh, no, it's fine.

A moment of silence. The elevator stops at the third floor, and the two both exit. Annalise pauses as Dameon walks the other way.

Annalise: Hey, wait, do you know where the boss guy's office is?
Dameon: Down the hall. Make a right at the window at the end of the corridor.

Dameon disappears around the corner as he pulls out his phone again and groans loudly. Annalise snorts, wondering if the same lady was calling him back, and turns to go to the main office. When she reaches the door, she opens the door to the office to walk in.
The office is a somewhat snug area; there are only a few desks there, all of which were empty except one, where a red-headed woman, looking in her 40s and 50s, is tapping away at a computer and sipping some coffee. A door in the back has silver letters reading, "Matthew D'Alessandro". Under it, in smaller letters, "Founder of Silver Lining Chain of Hotels".
The lady on the computer looks up to see Annalise standing in the doorway.

Lady: Oh, I'm sorry, but this office is employees only.
Annalise: Oh, uh, I applied for a job here online. Mr. D'Alessandro wanted to meet me here today?
Lady: Oh! Why didn't you say so? Just wait here! Matthew's on a phone call right now.

The secretary beckons to a small couch behind her desk, and Annalise sits down on it. She sighed into the comfy sofa, catching a glimpse at the secretary's name plaque; Jayna Hancock. Next to the plaque is a framed photograph, that of a young, incredibly beautiful red-haired woman, in a white wedding gown, standing next to a handsome, brown-haired man wearing a bowtie and tux.

Annalise: Are you the woman in that photo?

Jayna turns to face Annalise, nodding with a smile.

Annalise: You looked beautiful in that dress.
Jayna: I know, dear. Thank you.
Annalise: Is that man your husband, m'am?

Jayna's smile falters.

Jayna: ...he was.
Annalise: What do you....oh. Uh....I'm...I'm so sorry, m'am.

Jayna smiles weakly again.

Jayna: That's alright, dear. It's not your fault.

Jayna glances at her computer.

Jayna: Looks like Matthew's done with his call. You can go, dear.

Annalise rises from the couch, reluctantly.

Annalise: Uh...thank you.

She walks across the office, and through Mr. D'Alessandro's door. Jayna glances at her picture frame again, and sighs.

Annalise walks into the office, and stops in the doorway. The office is a large, rectangular room, with a blue carpet covering the entirety of the floor, and one of the walls is made of glass, basically making it a giant window. A large rectangular table is in the middle of the room, likely to hold meetings, while another, smaller wooden desk is in the corner, with a computer on it. A fish tank is in the back of the room, holding a faux sunken ship in it and, more noticeably, about a dozen shrimp floating lazily in it. A man was watching the shrimp from his chair as Annalise walked in.

Annalise: Uh, excuse me? By any chance, is Mr. D'Alessandro in here?"

The man sitting spins his chair around, to face Annalise.

Man: Why, that'd be me! You must be Annalise, nice to meet you.

Annalise's new boss rises from his chair to greet her. D'Alessandro is an aging man, looking to be in the mid-50s in age. His hair is graying, but not balding, and his face is clean of facial hair; he likely shaved recently. He seems surprisingly active for his age, as he rose from his chair rather quickly, and, when he shakes Annalise's hand, he has a strong, firm grip.

Annalise: Ha, yeah, that's me. Nice to meet you too.
D'Alessandro: So, now that we've properly met each-other, I suppose we must get down to business.
Annalise: Yeah, I'm officially getting my job now?
D'Alessandro: Indeed. I may as well explain how jobs work here...see, here at Silver Lining, the jobs are sort of given in the form of...a bit of a hierarchy.
Annalise: Uh...I'm confused.
D'Alessandro: Let me explain, then. You're starting your job here today, which means you wouldn't have access to the better jobs, with higher pay. Think things like Assistant Manager, or Desk Clerk. To get there, you have to make your way through the smaller jobs by starting small, and being promoted through good time and hard work.
Annalise: I think I get what you mean...but this applies to everyone?
D'Alessandro: Well, yes, but—

D'Alessandro checks quickly to see if the office door is closed, which it is.

D'Alessandro: ...there have been a few strings pulled in the past. For important people, I mean. I suppose you've met Carrie, the desk clerk?
Annalise: 'hoo, boy. Sure have. Why, is she important?
D'Alessandro: Not really, but her father is. He owns an important chain of television networks, and he offered to let me air advertisements promoting the line of hotels in return for letting his daughter work here, just so he can get her out of the house. She isn't very good, but I'm getting good money from the advertising, and she somehow hasn't quit after working here for about a year, so I'm not gonna fire her anytime soon. Maybe demote her to something that isn't desk clerk, maybe, but...
Annalise: She seems pretty unfriendly, honestly. Are you sure that's the best job you could offer?
D'Alessandro: It was specifically requested by her father. And, well, it's not exactly she's's more antisocialness. I don't know why, but she doesn't like being around most people, and it seems like she averts the situation by being...
Annalise: ...deadpan and snarky?

D'Alessandro shrugs.

D'Alessandro: Probably the best way to put it. But I'm getting off-topic. You understand the whole hierarchy of Silver Lining.
Annalise: Yeah, I think I get it. So, what's available?

D'Alessandro runs to grab a clipboard from his desk.

D'Alessandro: Well, social correspondent is already taken, as is engineer, electrician, and security guard...well, I hate to be a stereotype, but would you mind housekeeping as a starter?
Annalise: Sure, I'm cool with it. Best to start with something simple.
D'Alessandro: Alright...well, if you need to get an outfit, they are in the Employee's Lounge. There's a schedule for housekeeping, I'd assume you'd be taking up a spot on the third floor today if you started working now. Plus, it's twelve dollars an hour...
Annalise: Sounds good. Thank you, Mr. D'Alessandro!

Annalise's boss smiles as he shakes Annalise's hand again.

D'Alessandro: Please, call me Matthew. Rolls off the tongue better.
Annalise: Alright, well, thank you.

Annalise exits the office, as Matthew turns back to watch his shrimp again.

Chapter 2 - Strange Events

Annalise notices some unusual occurrences while working in the hotel.

Chapter 3 - Ghostbusters

Annalise drags a few people into an adventure at night.

Chapter 4 - Finian Felicis

Annalise meets the source of the "trouble".

Chapter 5 - Phantom of the Apartment

Finian follows Annalise to her apartment with a request.

Chapter 6 - The City That Never Sleeps

Annalise and Finian go to a café in the midst of the night to meet a friend.

Chapter 7 - Human, Ghost, Beorn

Annalise, Finian, and Ivan set out on their mission.

Chapter 8 - ???

Chapter 9 - ???

Chapter 10 - ???

Chapter 11 - ???

Character Cast

  • Annalise Crihana - An ambitious 23-year-old woman who moved to New York to do something out of the ordinary with her life, only to strap herself into a typical hotel job. The job, of course, becomes atypical when she meets Finian and Ivan.
  • Finian Felicis - A spunky Wisp haunting the Silver Lining Hotel, who Annalise stumbles upon during her escapade with Carrie and Dameon overnight. He's an innocent, good-hearted phantom who enjoys pulling pranks on humans, and one who sees all people as equal.
  • Ivan - A Beorn living in New York City, working as a night-shifting singer at a cafe. Flirtatious and suave, he's prone to hitting on any living thing, regardless of species, gender, or sexuality, though he isn't very good at it. He has a strong friendship with Finian.
  • Dameon Keanan - An African-American male "nerd" working as a social correspondent for the Silver Lining Hotel, and Annalise's closest human friend at the hotel. Like Annalise, he's bored with the job he has and wants something new, which brings him to the strange adventure Annalise is partaking in.
  • Carrie Rendino - The snarky, deadpan lobby clerk at the hotel; she very clearly dislikes being around people and often tries to keep her distance from social interaction.
  • Matthew D'Alessandro - The aging founder of the hotel, he gives Annalise her job and, later, enlists her to investigate the oddities at the hotel.
  • Jayna Hancock - Matthew's secretary, a jolly widowed woman.

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