Wonder Red
The Crimson Fist
Universe Wonderful 101
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances ---
Recent Game Wii U Wonderful 101
Availability Starter
Final Smash Wonderful Forever/Unite Red

Wonder Red makes his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Wonder Red is a powerful yet rather small fist fighter that utilizes many punch and kick attacks as well as a his unique ability, Unite Hand. Much like the rest of the Wonderful Ones, Wonder Red is primarily a charge fighter meaning that many of his attacks require charging; either manually or automatically, before performing an attack. While this does add some start up lag to his attacks, it increases the size and damage. Aesthetically, his appearance is inline with his model from the game The Wonderful 101.


Wonder Red bares some differences from the rest of the Wonderful 101 cast in Super Smash Bros. 5. Wonder Red excels at power in both his standard and special attacks and speed but lacks reach, jumping, and defense abilities. Despite this, he is still an average fighter whose stats are fairly well-balanced. His punching attacks are a bit stronger than the rest of The Wonderful 101 cast and carries more knockback but has weaker kicks, throws, and non-punching aerial attacks. He utilizes his Unite Hand for his jab finisher, Smash Attacks, and Neutral Specials.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Wonder Jab, Wonder Jab, Wonder Combo, Unite Fist Bash 5&, 2%, 2.5%, 7% Wonder Red punches, then kicks, and then can deliver a series of punches at fast speeds. Finishing the jab combo causes Wonder Red to form the Unite Hand and deliver a charged punch attack. The finisher has some lag and can be punished.
Forward Tilt Wonder Punch 12% Wonder Red takes his fist, pauses slightly, and punches forward. It has good damage and knockback but horrible reach.
Up Tilt Wonder Uppercut 10% Wonder Red readies his attack, pauses, and then performs an uppercut that has high knockback but, again, not so good reach.
Down Tilt Wonder Heel 4% Wonder Red crouches and kicks forward along the ground.
Dash Attack Wonder Blazer 13% (clean) 10% (late) Wonder Red pauses briefly and then zooms forward; slamming his fist forward; giving him bit of a boost. It has good traveling range.
Forward Smash Unite Smash 28% (charged ground), 25% (uncharged ground), 23% (charged air), 17% (uncharged air) Wonder Red charges his Unite hand and then slams it down forward in the shape of fist; smashing into the ground. It does more damage to grounded opponents than aerial opponents. It knocks opponents horizontally but can spike airborne opponents.
Up Smash Unite Knuckle 26% (charged), 20% (uncharged) Wonder Red charges the attack, raises his fist, and punches forward with the knuckle being the main hit box. It has an upward angle to it.
Down Smash Unite Sweep 29% (charged), 21% (uncharged) Wonder Red crouches and performs a sweeping attack that deals damage though it just knocks away opponents instead of carrying them along.
Neutral Aerial Wonder Jump Kick 3% Wonder Red kicks forward in front of him; turning slightly to maximize the reach. Very weak.
Forward Aerial Wonder Hook 9% Wonder Red punches forward; pausing slightly and delivering a powerful punch.
Back Aerial Wonder Reverse 14% Wonder Red reaches backward and slams his fist behind him; dealing damage. It has lag in the beginning.
Up Aerial Wonder Flip 4.5% Wonder Red flip kicks his opponent upwards; dealing slight knockback.
Down Aerial Wonder Meteor 18% (aerial), 21% (grounded) Wonder Red pauses briefly in mid-air and then descends downward with his fist on fire. It deals impact damage but more damage if it connects with the impact from the aerial.
Grab --- --- Wonder Red grabs with Unite Hand. Long reach.
Pummel Wonder Squeeze 2% Unite Hand squeezes the opponent.
Forward Throw Wonder Bash 5% (per hit 3 hits) Wonder Red takes the opponent and slams them into the ground three times with the third time spiking opponents up.
Back Throw Wonder Toss 4% Wonder Red simply tosses the opponent behind him.
Up Throw Wonder Launch 5% Wonder Red throws the opponent upwards with the power of his Unite Hand.
Down Throw Wonder Ground 2% (throw) 12% (punch) Wonder Red throws the opponent down and punches them hard with the Unite Hand. Slow throw.
Floor Attack (front/back) Wonder Spin 3.5% Wonder Red spins around while kicking; dealing damage on both sides.
Floor Attack (trip) Wonder Rise 7% Wonder Red rises up while uppercutting his opponent.
Edge Attack Wonder Guard 9% Wonder Red pulls himself up and punches forward.

Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Unite Hand 37% (charged clean), 30% (uncharged clean), 29% (charged late), 22% (uncharged late) Wonder Red gathers the power of his Unite Fist by collecting power from the Wonder Ones. The longer he charges, the more destructive it is but the more slower it becomes. It has long lag for both start up and ending lag when fully charged.
Custom 1 Unite Quick Hand 25% (charged clean), 17% (uncharged clean), 18% (charged late), 12% (uncharged late) A much quicker version that is much smaller and deals significantly less damage than the default. However, it requires less charging time and has reduced lag.
Custom 2 Unite Blaze Hand 22% (charged hand), 17% (uncharged hand), 34% (charged blast), 29% (uncharged blast) The fist portion is much weaker than the default but it produces a burst of fire at the end of the knuckle that acts as a sweetspot and high knockback. It has bad ending lag depending on the size of the burst.
Side Special Unite Ball 16% (charged), 11% (uncharged) Wonder Red and the Wonderful Ones will be condensed into a large all that grows in size depending on how much it was charged. Releasing will propel it forward; dealing damage. It also increases the speed.
Custom 1 Unite Spike Ball 20% (charged), 17% (uncharged) It creates spike which deal more damage but is slower than the default.
Custom 2 Unite Bouncing Ball 13% (charged), 8% (uncharged), 15% (bounce charged), 12% (uncharged) Much like the default but, instead it will bounce along instead of rolling. Charging it increases the size, damage, and number of bounces with 4 being the max. Doesn7t bounce when it mid-air but simply propels itself forward.
Up Special Unite Chain 14.5% (charged), 12% (uncharged) Wonder Red will call the Wonderful Ones to form a chain. Charging it increases the length of the chain. It can be used to hit opponents as well as grab onto the ledge.
Custom 1 Unite Boost Chain 12% (charged), 7% (uncharged) Much shorter than the default but will boost the player slightly upwards when performing it. It also deals less damage.
Custom 2 Unite Rapid Chain 0% Much faster to charge and has the same length as the default but doesn't damage opponents.
Down Special Unite Guts 2.5X (charged), 1.5x (uncharged) Wonder Red charges the attack and can cover himself with the Wonderful Ones with a green gel. It can reflect opponents projectiles and bounce opponents away to touches it. It grows weaker and smaller with every projectile/contact. Charging it increases it's strength and duration.
Custom 1 Unite Spike Guts 7% (projectile), 12% (contact) It is unable to reflect projectiles but, when attacked, it will throw out spikes all around it which travel for a little distance. It does more damage with direct contact.
Custom 2 Unite Medi Guts 0% Instead of reflecting projectiles, it transfers it to energy and will heal Wonder Red. It can be canceled with a melee attack.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Unite Fireball 19% (charged), 12% (uncharged) 7% (area damage charged), 3% (area damage uncharged) Wonder Red uses the Unite Hand to fire a fireball composed of Wonderful Ones. It does fire splash damage around it and has a wide impact radius though it has severe lag.
Custom 1 Unite Hyper Fireball 12% (charged), 8% (uncharged) Much faster and can be spammed with small amounts of lag but weaker and doesn't deal fire splash damage.
Custom 2 Unite Barrage 4% (per hit charged), 2% (per hit uncharged) Wonder Red can charge the attack to release up to 3 Fireballs at a time. An uncharged version only fires one. It is fairly weak but only when charged.
Side Special Unite Boomerang 3% (per hit charged), 1.5% (per hit uncharged) Wonder Red charges the attack and transforms into a boomerang by calling on the Wonderful Ones. Charging the attack causes it to become bigger and stronger but does not lengthen the travel distance. It does multiple hits as it goes forward.
Custom 1 Unite Gale Boomerang 6% (charged), 3% (uncharged) It only does one hit which tosses opponents upwards after it passes through. It also has a vacuum effect.
Custom 2 Unite Shock Boomerang 1.5% (charged), 0% (uncharged) Much weaker but it causes hitstun and carries opponents as it goes through. Once it finishes, it leaves the opponent dazed. It causes opponents to go into a short helpless if used as an aerial.
Up Special Unite Rocket 12% Wonder Red will form the Unite Rocket through the Wonderful Ones. Holding down the special button causes it to fly higher and faster until it explodes; causing Wonder Red to fall back down. The explosion does damage but only when maxed out.
Custom 1 Unite Rapid Rocket 0% Has more traveling distance but doesn't deal damage.
Custom 2 Unite Big Rocket 25%, 8% (Wonder Red) Much slower and shorter traveling distance but larger explosion that deals more damage but also damages Wonder Red with 8%.
Down Special Unite Tombstone 6% (charged descent), 3% (uncharged descent), 8% (impact charged), 5% (impact uncharged) Wonder Red will call upon the Wonderful Ones to form a tombstone. Charging it increases the size and durability. If performed in the air, releasing it will cause the tombstone to descend to the ground very quickly; dealing damage.
Custom 1 Unite Burying Tombstone 4% (charged descent), 2% (uncharged descent), 6% (impact charged), 3% (impact uncharged) Weaker version of the default but it will bury grounded opponents or meteor aerial opponents.
Custom 2 Unite Launch Tombstone 3% (charged ascent), 2% (uncharged ascent), 12% (blast charged), 8% (blast uncharged) Reversed version of the default where Wonder Red will launch upwards as the tombstone. Charging increases the distance and damage. At the end, it will explode dealing damage.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Wonderful One 5.5% (per hit center), 3% (per hit edge) Wonder Red calls upon the powers of the Wonderful Ones where they form a large W at the top of the stage. It then fires a ray of energy that can be controlled by using the control stick. It deals multiple hits as long as the ray connects with the opponent. It does more damage in the center of the ray compared to it's edges.
Final Smash 2 Unite Red 30% (Unite Hand), 22% (Unite Fireball), 18% (debris) Wonder Red will call upon the power of the Wonderful Ones who form a gigantic Wonder Red. He can use his Unite Hand to smash opponents with the attack button. He can use the Unite Fireball to fire gigantic balls of fire with the special. He can then pick up debris from the ground and chuck it at opponents by doing a Smash Attack. After a duration of time, the unite ability ends and Wonder Red becomes normal.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Wonder Red strikes a pose with his fist in the air and says "I fight for justice!" (Up)
  • Wonder Red strikes a pose where he lowers himself slightly to the ground and says "I am Wonder Red"! (Right)
  • Wonder Red punches forward twice and then holds out his fist saying "We will use force!" (Left)
  • Wonder Red spins and punches in to he air saying "This is my taunt!", "I am taunting you!", or "This is one wonderful taunt!"(Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Wonder Red punches forward saying "Team! Unite up!”
  • Wonder Red cracks his knuckles and says "Time for a workout!"
  • Wonder Red does a thumbs up and says "You chose well!"'

On Screen Appearance

  • Wonder Red appears and strikes a pose while an explosion occurs behind him.
  • He appears as Mr. Wedgewood and transforms into Wonder Red
  • He runs in saying "Oh no, I'm late for the battle!"

Victory Animations

  • Wonder Red pumps his fist in the air and says "That's going on my Character Record!".
  • Wonder Red spins around and then strikes a pose while saying "Evil never stood a chance!".
  • Wonder Red does several punches, a kick, and then says "Get good, pal!".
  • Wonder Red lands, strikes a dramatic pose, and a explosion occurs behind him; casting his back in shadows.
  • Wonder Red is signing a kid's autograph saying "To Ricky....
  • Wonder Red uses his Unite Hand to punch in the air while saying "I do this to people who think I am a clone!"

Losing Animation

  • Wonder Red slowly claps while looking forward.
  • Wonder Red's mask is slightly torn as he is bent slightly over (If Wedgewood, it has a bruise on his right eye.).
  • Wonder Red is crying while shaking his hands dramatically.

Crowd Cheer

Male voice "RED RED WONDER RED!"

Victory Fanfare

A flourish remix of the Wonderful 101 victory theme using the 0:06 to 0:016 portion.

Fighting Stance

Wonder Red faces forward with both arms held out with his hands clenched into fists. He slightly moves up and down.

Idle Poses

  • Wonder Red pumps his fist.
  • Wonder Red wipes his brow.
  • Wonder Red cracks his knuckles.
  • Wonder Red points upwards slightly.

Misc Animations


Wonder Red crouches on one knee with his fists held upwards.


Wonder Red jumps up with his fist held out into the air.


Wonder Red rolls along the ground.


Wonder Red has an average walking speed. A simple walking animation.


Wonder Red runs forward while pumping his arms in running.


Wonder Red falls to the ground and sleeps in a slumped over sitting position.


Wonder Red trips and lands on his butt.


Wonder Red swings back and forth on one leg while waving his arms for balance.

Home-Run Bat

Wonder Red swings the bat with both hands.

Star KO

Wonder Red goes "NOOOOOOOO!"

Screen KO

Wonder Red slams into the screen with his mouth and eyes wide open.


Wonder Red's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Wonder Red

Unlock: Classic Mode

"Wonder Red is the self-proclaimed leader of the Wonderful 101 and one of the newest members of the team. His passion for justice can be a bit overwhelming at first but that is only because he cares. Armed with his Unite Morph, Unite Hand; he can bash, punch, and grab enemies even larger than himself into submission. His "go-getter" personality and "act first ask questions later" mentality tends to get him into trouble at times but he always uses his mind and strength to get him out of those situations. UNITE TEAM!"

Wonder Red (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Dark Red

"Unite Fireball is an attack unique to Wonder Red. He is capable of producing a powerful fireball from his Unite Hand which is comprised not of fire, lava, or rock but of...yes you guesses it; people. He uses his fellow Wonderful Ones to set them ablaze and fire them! He must either hate his comrades to condemn them to a firery end or trust them to get the job done. Regardless, the fireballs tend to be rather slow in speed but have fire splash damage that can set opponents nearby on fire so make sure so to avoid both the flaming ball of heroes as well as the bits and pieces of "fire" that comes off from it."

Wonder Red (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Dark Red

"Unite Hand is unique to Wonder Red and something that no other Wonderful One can begin to copy. He uses the bonds of his other Wonderful Ones to create a gigantic red hand in which he can bash, pummel, and squash his opponents into wonderful pancakes. And if this wasn't enough, he can even pick up debris and patch up holes in weak points in a structure though that didn't translate into Super Smash Bros. sadly. When he calls for "Unite Hand"; expect him to create a huge hand out of heroic justice! However, it takes time to make it large so exploit it when you can!"

Mr. Wedgewood

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

"Mr. Will Wedgewood is the good-natured teacher at Blossom City Elementary School. He enjoys the popularity he receives as both a teacher and as his hidden identity, Wonder Red. None of his students know about his crime fighting alter-ego and he intends to keep it that way. Mr. Wedgewood believes children are the future so him working at an elementary is the perfect fit! However, what happens when the world needs him and he is stuck teaching 4th period Math? Does he have a substitute on hand for matters such as these? Is the school in on it? So many questions and so little answers! And for a teacher, he doesn't really help us solve them..."

Mr. Wedgewood

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

"Mr. Will Wedgewood is the good-natured teacher at Blossom City Elementary School. He enjoys the popularity he receives as both a teacher and as his hidden identity, Wonder Red. None of his students know about his crime fighting alter-ego and he intends to keep it that way. Mr. Wedgewood believes children are the future so him working at an elementary is the perfect fit! However, what happens when the world needs him and he is stuck teaching 4th period Math? Does he have a substitute on hand for matters such as these> Is the school in on it? So many questions and so little answers! And for a teacher, he doesn't really help us solve them..."

Wonder Red (Wonder Ball)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge Red-orange

"What do you get when you cross a ball with a group of heroes? Simply! You get Wonder Ball! By using the power of the Unite Morph, Wonder Red and the other Wonderful Ones can mold themselves into a literal rolling ball! That is quite impressive in that the body doesn't really contort in that way...Anyways, the ball can be charged up for maximum speed and damage but leaves the Wonderful One slightly dazed from the attack as one could expect after charging at breakneck speeds with a bunch of other heroes. It can also become a spiked ball as it's custom 1 and a bouncing ball as it's custom 2. Maybe I can create a Unite Game and create a game out of thin air?"

Wonder Red (Space Pirate)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

"The Space Pirates are led by the prince of the traveling comet, Rhullo, Prince Vorkken. He has sworn vengeance against the GEATHJERK for slaughtering his people and destroying his kingdom. He was once a kind soul who valued justice but became bitter and only desired power and the destruction of the GEATHJERK. As a result, his conquest caused him to bump paths with the Wonderful 101 and became a rival to Wonder Red. He is capable of transforming him and his 100-strong Space Pirates into a boomerang. Despite his wild ambitions, perhaps he does have some love left in his soul to connect to Wonder Red and destroy GEATHJERK once and for all?"

Wonder Red (Down) Default

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

"On question being asked nowadays if is video games characters are self aware that they are being controlled. Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising hinted he knew this was just a video game. Wonder Red shows that he understands that he may be apart of a video game though nothing is for certain. Wonder Red carries with him an almost over-exaggerated form of justice and emotions; making dramatic poses with cheesy lines. But he has to know those lines are cheesy! Even for him! Doe he understand he looks kind of silly in that get up?"

Maskless Red

Unlock: Complete a Wonderful One Character Challenge

"Wonder Red is Mr. Will Wedgewood and Mr. Will Wedgewood is Wonder Red. But who is who when Wonder Red decides to take off his suit and mask but still retains his super hero identity? Well, he becomes the slightly inappropriate Maskless Red! Maskless Red is rather useless as he is unable to actually see! He must need glasses in order to see and his Wonderful Mask has the lens inserted inside through technology. Wait...isn't it the secret identity that usually wears fake glasses? Not to mention that Maskless Red has stripped down to the bare necessities. Despite his apparently blindness and armorless body, this does not affect him negatively in the battlefield.

Wonderful Forever

Unlock: All Star Mode

"The Wonderful Ones are anything but not dramatic. Everything they do is rather over the top and self-promoting! This is especially the case with the Final Smash, Wonderful Forever. Every Wonderful One has access to it upon breaking the Smash Ball. They call upon the power of the other Wonderful Ones to create a gigantic....yep...W. Get it Wonderful? Wonder Red? The Wonderful 101? When activated, it releases a controllable ray of wonder that can be used to damage opponents and send them flying. It also plays music from The Wonderful 101. Once it finishes, the Wonderful disperse and returns to whatever they were doing before.

Unite Red

Unlock: Unlock all Matthew's trophies

"One of the most powerful Unite Morphs OF ALL TIME! Unite Big calls upon, yet again, the power of the Wonderful Ones to form a gigantic version of Wonder Red. Just in case you wondered how Wonder Red would look big, well, here you have it. While in this form, Wonder Red can deliver even more powerful Unite Hand attacks that cannot be stopped by simple attacks and cause area wide devastating attacks. He can also fire meteor-sized fireballs and eve rip out debris from the stage and throw it at opponents. Every Wonderful One can transform into this gigantic size. Can we call it Giga Wonder Red or is that too much crossover for one game?"

Alternate Costumes

Color Title Color Notes Status
Default Red Wonder Red's default outfit Starter
Dark Red Dark Red A darker version of his outfit Starter
Red Orange Red Orange A red-range version of the outfit. Starter
Space Pirate Purple Color scheme based off the Space Pirates, Princess Vorkken. Starter
Mr. Wedgewood White Costume off his alter ego, Mr. Wedgewood. Locked
Maskless Red Black Maskless version of Wonder Red where he is not only missing his mask but his suit. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"A Wonderful Intervention" Time: 4:20 Scene: A bustling metropolis

The reveal trailer starts off an aerial view of bustling metropolis in the afternoon. Helicopters buzz overhead, cars are honking, and every thing seems sunny and bright. Suddenly an explosion rises up from the north section and a roar is heard.

The scene then cuts to the middle of the explosion. Everything is covered in smoke, fire, and ash while scared civilians run about; unsure what to make with this maddness. From the smoke steps out Mario, Link, Pit, Samus, Bayonetta, Marth, Lucario, and Matthew who all get into their battle stances while awaiting the terror that awaits them. From the smoke, an unearthly beast roars and rising out from its a gigantic Giga Bowser. Giga Bowser continues to grow and grow until he is towering over all them; blocking out the sun. Mario narrows his eyes and jumps forward but is instantly slapped into a nearby building; crashing into it. Link, Marth, and Matthew all charge forward with swords drawn but are flattened when Giga Bowser steps on top of them; driving them into the pavement. Samus appears right next to Giga Bowser's head and fires a missile which doesn't do a thing. Bowser chomps down on Samus and then spits her off causing her to fly off into the sky.

Bayonetta and Lucario charges forth; dodging the attacks from Giga Bowser and jump forward but get slammed away from his tail causing them to be launched down the street; skidding on the pavement. Pit looks absolutely terrified and looks to Mario. The scene changes to Mario lying in a rubble of the building. The scene then changes to Link, Marth, and Matthew embedded into the pavement. The scene then switches to Samus burnt to a crisp while crumbled into a bus stop. It then shifts to Bayonetta and Lucario; laying unconscious in the street. Giga Bowser roars triumphantly and steps towards Pit. Pit steps back; frightening and frozen.

Suddenly, an announcers voices can be heard with both Pit and Giga Bowser unsure to where it is coming from:

"When the world is in danger, there is only one superhero to call! They come in a variety of colors but their leader is RED! Armed with the CENTINEL suits and the Unite Morph ability, they pound evil into space dust! They are the..."

A flash of red then flashes forward and punches Giga Bowser causing him to fall down. He tries to get up but another red blur punches him in his gut; causing Giga Bowser to roar in pain. The red blur shout out:

"Unite Hand!"

Pit feels himself start to be lifted from the ground to his surprise and sees the other fighters also lifted from the ground. They are absorbed into the air. The camera pans from the huge hand that has formed and to the person wielding it; showing Wonder Red.

He jumps high into the air and comes crashing back down with his Unite Hand stretched out. Giga Bowser gets up and is about to fight back but the attack slams the Unite Hand into Giga Bowser. Knocking him into the air and causing him to land into several skyscrapers. Angrily, he roars and continues to grow in size while gathering power. He grows even larger and dashes forward slamming his fist and kicking Wodner Red; causing him to lose his powers and the earlier fighters are separated from his Unite Hand.

Wonder Red tries to get up but he is unable to and collapses from his injuries. Pit looks on as Giga Bowser approaches them. However, once again a mysterious voice is heard:

"While one Wonderful One may be strong on their own, they have the support from not only the Wonderful One team but from the people they protect as well! This creates an effective and powerful fighting team!" Suddenly, in the air a voice is heard:

"Unite WHIP!"

Giga Bowser is thrown to the ground with a whip wrapped around his head. He tries to get up but another voice is heard: "Unite GUN!!!"

A bullet knocks Giga Bowser off his feet and send shim tumbling along the ground. He goes to stand up up another voice is heard:

"Unite Hammer!!!!"

Giga Bowser is slammed down to the ground by a huge hammer; leveling him. Once again, from the air comes another voices:

"Unite Claws!!!"

Giga Bowser is slashed over and over as he lays on the ground; roaring in pain. From the shadows comes a small, whisper:

"Unite Bomb.."

Giga Bowser is blasted high into the air; spiraling as he goes. As he is thrown upwards, he looks to his right and a blur blur appears:


This attack launches Giga Bowser high into the air until he becomes a speck. The scene then cuts to Wonder Red standing up slightly with Pit looked up amazed. Standing around them are the following:

Wonder Blue, Wonder Pink, Wonder Yellow, Wonder Green, Wonder White, and Wonder Black.

The mysterious voice, the announcer, says:

"No job is impossible for The Wonderful Ones!!!"

The scene then shifts to game play footage of the Wonderful Ones:

  • It shows Wonder Red, Wonder Pink, Wonder Blue, Wonder Yellow, Wonder Green, Wonder White, and Wonder Black on the Blossom City stage. They all do their "I'm Wonder ..." taunt.
  • Shows Wonder Red using an uncharged Unite Hand on Wonder Blue who is knocked away but returns and does a fully charged Unite Sword; blasting the opponent away.
  • It shows Wonder Pink running and kicking the Link into the air; dealing damage.
  • It then cuts to Wonder Yellow hammering Donkey Kong with his Forward and Down Smash attacks. However, he is blasted away by Wonder Black who is playing on his video games system.
  • It then shows Bowser running away while the Wonderful Ones chase him.
  • It then shows Wonder Green using his Unite Gun to blast Samus far away but is then beat senseless through quick attacks by Wonder Pink.
  • It then shows Shiek running forward but is stopped dead by Wonder White who deliver various quick attacks to Shiek.
  • It shows Mario and Wonder Red; standing side by side while in their fighting animations.
  • It then shows very quick videos of each Wonderful One activating their neutral specials.
  • It then shows them fighting against Bowser who grabs the Smash Ball and becomes Giga Bowser. He roars triumphantly but then, suddenly, Wonder Red calls out "Unite Red!"

The scene changes to an animation sequence where Wonder Red begins to grow taller and taller; becoming the Unite Big version of himself. Giga Bowser looks absolutely terrified and whimpers slightly before being punched and launched into the stratosphere.

The Wonderful Ones separate and then the announcer is heard again:

"For the first time ever! The Wonderful Ones!"

They all then strike a dramatic pose. This cuts into the logo sequence for Super Smash Bros. 5.

Then the final sequence then shows Wonder Red in his Space Pirate costume which then pans down showing Wonder Pink in her Alice Pink costume, Unmasked Blue, Space Pirate Wonder Yellow, Unmasked Green and White, and Space Pirate Black.


  • The Wonderful Ones are considered both individual characters as well as alternative costumes by the development team. According to director Masahiro Sakurai "You can say the Wonderful Ones are the product of mixing Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings with the Mii Fighter. We sort of went overboard. :laughs:"

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