"Wonder Red Unitepunches the opponents!" (Introduction tagline)

Wonder Red, the most famous Wonderful 101, is ready to join the battle! He can make his Unitehand and perform the Special Move or can move better without the hand. The secret is control the Unitehand and use it when is necessary. He is a Brick character and his main element is Fire.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Unitehand. Wonder Red makes his Unitehand, which can perform the special attacks and can make standard moves stronger.

Side Special: Giant Fist. Just like Doneky Kong's Standard Special but stronger (from 12% to 30%).

Up Special: Quick Take. Wonder Red grabs the board of the stage.

Down Special: Fire Slap. Wonder Red slaps once the ground making a fire wave which moves into the field. The slap inflicts 23% of damage, the fire weave 16%.

Final Smash: The Wonderful 101! Wonder Red calls his friends and everyone attacks once: Wonder Green shoots inflicting 32% of damage, Wonder Pink attacks with her whip inflicting 19% of damage and Wonder Blue slashes inflicting 28% of damage. Not every character can attack the opponent.

Special Ability: Unitehand. Unitehand makes Wonder Red stronger and allows him to perform Special Attacks but makes him slower too.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or do Classic Mode with 4 characters.

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