Wonder Encounters are the successors to Solid Snake's Codecs and Palutena's Guidence in Super Smash Bros. Amplified. Here are the dialogues involved in the encounters for the roster. The list arranged by series, first party first and then third parties.

Wonder Encounter Dialogues

All Add-on characters: Wonder Red - " Well, I didn't expect you to be here." Captain Nelson - "No matter the foe, still be on your guard." Wonder Red - "I know who these guys are, they're just late to the Smash." Wonder Red - "Team, Unite up."

Mario: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Mario, hero of the Mushroom Kingdom." Captain Nelson - "No doubt, we don't need records to know of Mario's exploits." Wonder Red - "I know Captain, it will be an honorable duel between heroes." Captain Nelson - "Going easy on him will leave a bad impression, fight at your best." Wonder Red - "Affirmative Captain, Team, Unite up!"

Luigi: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Luigi, brother to Mario and a hero in his own right." Wonder Blue - "Dude, are you sure you mean sidekick?" Wonder Red - "Nope, he's a hero in his own right, like the rest of the Wonderful Ones." Wonder Blue - "Ok then, leader."

Peach: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Peach, princess of the Mushroom Kingdom" Wonder Pink - "It's Peach, Oh my goodness, We got some things in common." Wonder Red - "Like..." Wonder Pink - "We both are pretty, we both fight for the side of justice, and both have someone amazing for us." Wonder Red "Uh, I am not sure about you and Vorkken." Wonder Pink - "What about you and that Immorta." Wonder Red - "Enough about her, let's get back to the battle."

Bowser: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Bowser, leader of the Koopa Troops." Wonder Green - "Oui, the terrible Bowser, He looks very tough, not for my gun, ma belle." Wonder Red - " I'll aim your gun at that fiend and strike from a distance, His tough attacks cannot do much if he misses them." Wonder Green - "I'm counting on you to take care of the team, Wonder Red." Wonder Red - "We will stop you in the name of justice, Bowser, Team, Unite up!"

Bowser Jr.: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Bowser Jr., son of Bowser and eternal troublemaker." Wonder Blue - " This reminds me on how Luca betrayed the Earth once." Wonder Red "Unlike Luca, Bowser Jr. has no remorse in following his father's foul footsteps." Wonder Blue - "Well let's introduce him to my Valiantium Blade see if he'll change his mind?" Wonder Red - "Charging in without a plan won't work here, Wonder Blue."

The Koopalings: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't [Koopaling name here], one of the infamous Koopalings." Wonder Blue - "Did Bowser adopt these Koopalings." Wonder Red - "I don't know, but they follow Bowser all the same." - Wonder Blue - "These guys fight like Bowser Jr. and have vehicles similar too!" Wonder Red - "I still wouldn't reccommend charging in without a plan."

Rosalina & Luma: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Rosalina, mother figure to the Lumas." Wonder Pink "Poor Lumas, fighting alongside her." Wonder Red - "These Lumas will do any to protect Rosalina so I have to get around them to get to her." Wonder Pink "I wish there was another way." Wonder Red - "So do I."

Daisy: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Daisy, Princess of Sarasaland?" Wonder Green - "Oui, she's a tomboy I hear." Wonder Red - "She's got of a bit attitude and is not hesitant to show it." Wonder Green "Just like Wonder Pink, huh?" Wonder Pink "WHAT?" Wonder Green "Merci" Wonder Blue - "You just had to do that, did you?"

Yoshi: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Yoshi, incredible eating machines of Yoshi's Island." Wonder White - "Yes, these dinosaurs have very powerful stomachs, they can eat almost anything." Wonder Red - "Looks like I'll have to avoid Yoshi's tongue." Wonder White - "Good thinking, avoid danger by not being there at all."

Wario: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Wario, greedy head of WarioWare Inc." Wonder Green - " For some odd reason, I feel as if Wario and I are kindered spirits." Wonder Red - " What do you mean?" Wonder Green "We both love food." Wonder Red - "Sure, he's considered gross." Wonder Green - "His grossness is actually a weapon so that gives plenty reasons to avoid him." Wonder Red - "I'll avoid that weird weapon of his."

Donkey Kong: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Donkey Kong, leader of the DK crew and rival to Mario." Wonder Yellow - "Looks bigger, faster, and stronger." Wonder Red - "His strength is no joke here too, team." Wonder Yellow "This Donkey Kong is not the original." Wonder Red - "He must have got it from the original I suppose." Wonder Yellow - "This Donkey Kong is related to the original." Wonder Red - "Regardless of his origins, we must not allow him to win, Team, Unite up!"

Diddy Kong: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Diddy Kong, buddy to Donkey Kong." Wonder Green - "He has a peanut based gun, strange indeed." Wonder Red - " Diddy has more than that peanut gun, he also has some tricks and agility on his side." Wonder Green - "Oui, I would advise find holes in his tactics and take advantage of them. " Wonder Red - "Noted, I will be on guard."

King K Rool: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't King K. Rool, leader of the Kremlings." Captain Nelson "This crocodile menace has an arsenal for you to watch out for, like his Blunderbuss, boomeranging boxing gloves, and more." Wonder Red - "He sounds like a one man army." Captain Nelson - "His tricks using his arsenal is the most dangerous aspect about him." Wonder Red - "Roger, this vile crocodile won't stop me, Team, Unite Up!" 

Link: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Link, Hero of Hyrule." Wonder Blue - "Well, a legendary hero with a sword crossing with my Valliantium Blade would be cool." Wonder Red - "This honorable hero deserves a good duel." Wonder Blue - "He's got more than just a sword, dude." Wonder Red - "Well noted, Team, don't let Link down."

Toon Link: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Link... huh?" Wonder Yellow - "This kid looks like he jumped out of cartoon." Wonder Red - "This 'Toon' Link is just like his non-cartoon counterpart." Wonder Yellow - "Right, he's fighting a bit different than the older one." Wonder Red - "Well, this kid still is the Hero of Hyrule." Wonder Yellow - "Right, he's still a little hero."

Zelda: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Zelda, princess of Hyrule." Wonder Pink - "A real princess, oh my goodness." Wonder Red - "This princess is no ordinary one, she's a reincarnation of her world's goddess." Wonder Pink - "She must have some powerful magic." Wonder Red - "Right, I'll keep note of this as I fight."

Shiek: Wonder Red - "Zelda, where did you go?" Wonder White - "This magic of Zelda's has revealed a ninja-like warrior as her alter-ego." Wonder Red - "Zelda  is now swift, mobile and just as threatening as she was before." Wonder White - "She prefers the name 'Shiek' when under this guise." Wonder Red - "As Zelda or Shiek, I'll still be careful about this warrior princess."

Ganondorf: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't the evil king Ganondorf, reincarnation of Demise." Captain Nelson "How did you know that?" Wonder Red - "You got great records, sir!" Captain Nelson - "Be careful, I hear he has improved his fighting level for this round." Wonder Red - "Roger, I'll make note of this." Captain Nelson - "He's still slow so if you're quick enough, you can get him." Wonder Red - "Roger, this foul man won't get me, Team, Unite up!"

Pikachu: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't the electric mouse, Pikachu, number 25 on the Pokedex." Wonder Blue - "Hey, it's so cool fighting this electric mouse." Wonder Red - "Not cool when it is trying to shock me." Wonder Blue - "Dude, you are fighting the most popular Pokemon and you are not catching it?" Wonder Red - "Anyway, I hear this Pokemon has Psychic powers when it evolves into Raichu the Alola region." Wonder Blue - "That's an interesting aspect I haven't heard about Pikachu." Wonder Red - "I look this information up, it's part of my job."

Jigglypuff (Purin in JPN): Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't the balloon Jigglypuff, number 39 on the Pokedex." Wonder Pink - "Aww, it's so cute." Wonder Red - "Don't let its looks fool you, it has the ability to put people to sleep." Wonder Pink - "I could use a nap right now." Wonder Red - "When Jigglypuff starts its short nap, a fairy-like force delivers a tough blow." Wonder Pink - "If it misses?" Wonder Red - "That'll be the moment to strike."

Charizard (Lizardon in JPN): Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't the flame Pokemon Charizard, number 6 on the Pokedex"  Wonder Yellow - "A real dragon, it looks like a dragon." Wonder Red - "It's typing says it's only a Dragon type after it uses the Charizardite X, which it has." Wonder Yellow - "Is it permanent?" Wonder Red - "Sadly, no." Wonder Yellow - "This typing of Charizard makes me head scratching." Wonder Red - "I consider it odd, too."


Decidueye (Junaiper in JPN):


Greninja (Gekkouga in JPN):









Zero Suit Samus:

Ridley: Wonder Red - "Whoah, it's Ridley, leader of the space pirates." Wonder Green - "He seems big and formidible." Wonder Red - "His size may be intimidating and he's pretty good in the air." Wonder Green - " We could try grounding him?" Wonder Red - "We'll see how that'll work, I doubt he's going to make things easy for us."  Wonder Red - "Focus on making sure he doesn't catch you, Team, Unite Up!!"






Little Mac: "Well if it isn't Little Mac, New York's boxing champion." Wonder Blue - "I feel like we've done this before." Wonder Red - "Umm... Little Mac is not a Gethjerk." Wonder Blue - "I was referring to boxing one of those 'jerks inside a robot." Wonder Red - "Now I get it. Let's see I can apply something to that." Wonder Blue "Dude, he looks quicker than a bunch of Gethjerks."



Ice Climbers:

Duck Hunt:


Dark Pit:

Palutena: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't..." Palutena - "Palutena, I am the Goddess of Light in Skyworld and also commanding Pit." Wonder Red - "An actual goddess? Like the one guarding my world?" Palutena - "Yours is a planetary device protecting the humans, there, while I help protect humans with Pit as my angel in my world." Wonder Red - "A real one, I would be honored to duel you." Palutena - "This isn't the first time I've dueled with mortals."

Hades: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't..." Hades - "Hades, Lord of the Underworld, at your inconvenience." Wonder Red - "What? Are you planning something?" Hades - "I am, just nothing towards Skyworld, yet." Wonder Red - "I vow to stop your evil plans at all costs." Hades - "You remind me of Pitty Pat, I'll do something about that." Wonder Red - "What exactly?" Hades - "You'll figure it out, very, very, soon."


King Dedede:

Meta Knight:

Capt. Falcon: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Cap. Falcon, pilot of the F-Zero machine number 7." Captain Nelson - "He's a very famous F-Zero racer and lesser known bounty hunter." Wonder Red - "Anyway, what should I watch out for?" Captain Nelson - "Watch out for his legendary Falcon Punch." Wonder Red - "Well, let's see he can match my, UNITE HAND!"

Pikmin & Olimar:

Pikmin & Alph:



Ray Mk III:




Wii Fit Trainer:


Wonder Red: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Wonder Red, real name... Wait, I'm against myself." Captain Nelson "Well, this is interesting, you should watch out for youself." Wonder Red - " Roger, this may be a copy of me, but this copy doesn't have my tactics." Captain Nelson "You should know yourself, your strengths, and weaknesses." Wonder Red - "Got it, Team, Unite up!"

Mr. Game & Watch: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Mr. Game & Watch, the flat individual." Wonder Black - "Strange." Wonder Red - "I know, he seems to come from the Game & Watch portables, You have some of those." Wonder Black - "..." Wonder Red - "I don't really hear you say much, it's okay to speak up sometimes, you know." Wonder Black - "Fight." Wonder Red - "Okay, this is still going to be weird."

Sonic: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Sonic the Hedgehog, the Fastest Thing Alive." Wonder Blue - "We're both blue and we sound alike." Wonder Red - "Is there something wrong?" Wonder Blue - "He seems to be copying me." Wonder Red - "Actually, he's well respected guest whose hero work is known for his natural speed and saving his animal friends ." Wonder Blue - "Oh, I see, now." Wonder Red - "Let's give the hero a duel he deserves."

Dr. Eggman: Wonder Red - "Dr. Eggman? I didn't know you showed up here." Dr. Eggman "Hero types, snooping as usual I see." Wonder Blue - "You aren't going to get away with your evil schemes, Eggman." Dr. Eggman - "You remind me of Sonic, I don't like you." Wonder Red - "Way to go, Blue." Dr. Eggman "I'll squash you like bugs with my greatest fighting creation." Wonder Red "He's not kidding around, Team, Unite Up."

Bayonetta: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Bayonetta, real name Cereza, and Umbran Witch." Bayonetta - "My, you sure are a talkative one." Wonder Red - "Excuse me?" Bayonetta - "Aren't you going to, how you say, 'Unite Up' and fight me?" Wonder Red - "You were once fighting alongside of my team." Bayonetta -  "And now, against you!" Wonder Red - "This reminds me of Vijounne and Wonder Blue's brother."


Lloyd Irving:

Heihachi Mishima:

Mega Man:


Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo in JPN): Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Phoenix Wright, legendary lawyer of the courts." Wonder Green - "I don't think he's making a court case here." Wonder Red - "Well, he has to 'defend' himself here somehow." Wonder Green - "I won't 'object' to that statement." Wonder Red - "Then the case is settled, I have to watch out for him."

Cloud Strife: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't Cloud Strife, Hero of his world's Planet." Wonder Blue - "Just a another sword user." Wonder Red - "Like you!?" Wonder Blue "Dude, did you have to do that?" Wonder Red - "Anyway, we have to watch out for his powerful sword." Wonder Blue - "I hear ya, That thing has some power and range." Wonder Red - " That sword is one reason why Cloud is strong and famous."

Bartz Klauser:



Ryu Hayabusa: Wonder Red - "Well if it isn't..." Wonder White - "Enough talk, we fight." Wonder Red - "Huh?" Wonder White - "He may be a ninja, but watch for his weapons and ninpo." Wonder Red - "Got it." Wonder White "Let's see what he's got." Wonder Red - "Why did White cut me off, here?"


Solid Snake:



In Peach's Wonder Encounter, Wonder Red brings up Vorkken and Wonder Pink brings up Immorta. This refers to Wonder Pink's crush being one sided and how Wonder Red blushes at the sight of Immorta.

In DK's Wonder Encounter, Wonder Yellow talks about Donkey Kong not being the original. This is a nod to Cranky Kong who is stated to be the original Donkey Kong.

In Pikachu's Wonder Encounter, Wonder Red mentions psychic powers for a Pikachu when it evolves into Raichu in the Alola region. This refers to the new form Raichu takes in Alola where it gains the Psychic typing as a secondary to its Electric typing.

In Palutena's Wonder Encounter, Palutena references the defenses of the Earth in Wonderful 101.

In Bayonetta's Wonder Encounter, Bayonetta references her cameo in the game and Wonder Red references Vijounne's history with Wonder Blue by Bayonetta just fighting him.

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