A Native American werewolf, a "skin-walker" who protected the bounderies of his reservation in Arizona. He can shapeshift at will into werewolf form, in both forms however his increased agility and reflexes come in handy. Eventually he was pursued by authorities after stealing and slaughtering dozens of lifestock to feed his clan. The confrontation resulted in him murdering in vicious manner five state troopers that were after him.

Thanks to this incident, he had to flee from Arizona in both Human and Werewolf form. He found the first train and hopped on, ending up with a traveling circus. While he had superhuman reflexes, agility, intelligence and stamina, RisingSun was made a common Circus Freak. He forced into permenatly staying in wolf form through a contract to join the circus, and was then showcased in a cage to scare Circus goers acting like a wild monster. But he became bitter as his other talents were left unexplored, for in his spare time he became an expert in knife throwing. He also used his fast speeds to master the art of Bullet Catching, a dangerous act he preformed without safety procautions, or illusions to fake it.

While he showed the other Circus members his various and easily more profitable skills, he was ignored and layed on deaf ears. When Shroomy and his circus became the main competition, Wolf RisingSun contacted him. He and Shroomy made a sinister deal, in return for sabotaging Lemmy's Circus, he would be made a 60/40 business partner, and get to become the ringmaster of the Shroomy Circus once its finally put out of business.

Wolf RisingSun is both very cunning, and very knowledgeable. But from his prolonged state in Werewolf form, he has started to become rather insane. RisingSun is now paranoid and believes everyone in the Lemmy circus is against him, spinning good things said to him as really lies or plots against him. His bipolar state leaves him always angry and ready to snap at anything or anyone that he believes mocks him or his talents. The loose cannon of a werewolf's only match is Lemmy, he's the only one that can stand up to the werewolf and force him to behave, its this fact that pushes RisingSun further into betraying his employer.

He prefers to be alone and becomes agressive when his personal space is messed with. He strives to become master in the art of knives and bullet catches, forcing himself to train and weight lift to the extreme.

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