Wolf O'Donnell

Wolf o donnell starwolf by vivianwolf18-d7frnni

Full Name Wolf O'Donnell
Current Age 29
Date of Birth not yet
Gender Male
Species Fox
Location Corneria
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Star Wolf
Family and Relations
Azumi (Love interset and later wife)
Miwa O'Donnell ( daughter)
Akari (nice)
Wolf O'Donnell (alternate timeline counterpart)
Ability/ies Not yet
Sexuality straight ( bisexual)
Lord O'Donnell
king (as a nickname)
First Appearance Star Fox : Nightmare
Latest Appearance (Not yet)

Wolf O'Donnell is an anthropomorphic wolf in the Star Fox Series. He is Fox McCloud's rival and the leader of Star Wolf. He and his team were first hired by Andross to destroy Star Fox with azumi the newest member of the team who is also Nikita's evil replica.


Wolf is merciless, brutal, and cunning, refusing to accept any form of authority, but still possessing the ability to gain loyalty from others. He doesn't do anything out of the goodness of his heart and only focuses on profiting for himself and his team. Wolf maintains a fearsome rivalry with Fox and is determined to one day kill him, but has a grudging respect for him. He also has little patience for anyone he feels he can't trust. However he completely takes no responsibility of sexual insulting fox along with his new henchman teammate Azumi and killing him.


Wolf and his team had always had a long-standing grudge against Star Fox and Wolf himself was believed to have had had a hand in the death of Fox’s father, James. Eventually Star Wolf was hired by Andross to deal with Star Fox, which Wolf was only too happy to do. They first engaged Fox and his team when they were sent in to defuse a bomb planted on Fichina. While Star Fox was able to easily deal with Andross’ forces, Wolf and his team quickly engaged them, distracting them from dealing with the bomb. If the player successfully took out the members of Star Wolf, Wolf was beaten and he swore revenge on Fox. If the player failed to do so, Wolf cackled in victory and flew off to collect his team’s payment from Andross. Afterwards, Star Wolf was sent to protect Bolse, a defense satellite for Venom. Wolf and his team engaged Star Fox in another dogfight, but failed to protect the satellite and were left injured from the fight. They were given one last chance and given upgraded ships, the Wolfen II, to defend Andross’ base from Star Fox. However Wolf and his team were shot down and finally defeated, forcing him to go into hiding in his hideout, the Sargasso Space Zone.

Aparoid Invasion

Wolf team immediately came back while fighting fox Which he demained where Pigma at he tells him that he is no longer part of star wolf because of his untrustful worth. Star Wolf aided Fox and his team in fighting the Apariod threat and Wolf even rescued Fox when he was ambushed in Corneria City. However he refused to admit this, saying that Fox had just been lucky enough to jump on his ship’s wing. Eventually Wolf did admit that he’d purposely saved his rival, wanting to finish him personally. Soon afterwards, Wolf encouraged Fox in his fight against General Pepper under the control of the Aparoids, telling him that when it came to a tough decision, not to hesitate, just act. Finally, Star Wolf aided Star Fox in their attack on the Aparoid Queen with Wolf and his comrades distracting the Aparoids while Fox moved ahead, an act that seemed to be sacrificing themselves. However Wolf and his team managed to survive.

However he order andrew to kidnapped Nikita for temporarily unknown reasons however he had temporary reasons of getting information out from her wolf however successfully managed to trap her for a few hours we'll ask her more questions about fox information which she however refuses wolf however temporary begin to seduce her trying to get a little information however she is temporary for fuses and rejected he asked Andrew if he can do the honors however after become sexual intent an amuse of watching Fox's teammate becomes insulted for a couple of hours after Andrew used Nikita's voice to trick her team burlap a tracking device for her teammates to find her after she was completely safe from Star wolf she explains what wolf did including Andrew however little did she not know and wolf as azumi who lived under Nikita's mind as a subconscious which however managed to use her DNA and create a perfect body replicas of herself.

killing and kidnapped

as wolf begins a killing offspring along with his teammates and his new female henchmen his teammates became Unstoppable which became impressed of Nikita's evil leprechaun killed a lots of foxes teammates including Falco who was kill by azumi by stabbing him in the heart with her claws including crystal by slicing her head which fox immediately wanted to stop this madness however the key that becomes very considered and worry about fox that she doesn't want him to suffer of death she tells him that he will be ok however little did he not know he was sneak attacked by wolf and was completely kidnapped, as he woke up in a mysterious place and demand Wolf by Andrew insulted Nikita which she did not have nothing to do with this situation however he did not give no details to Fox as he forcefully kissing fox with no idea why Fox became completely disgusted and insulted him and curse him out at the same time wolf immediately took that as a threat violently punching which is a few times however wolf and azumi begin to sexual harassed and insulted Fox physical mental and emotional until fox immediately gave up.

as a few days went by three days at tops nikita becomes very physical about foxes safety peppy Hare suggested that she should not be worrying that he is just fine suddenly they got a call from Fox out of the middle of nowhere who never had been heard from him for 3 Days 4 days less or more than that he tells her that she needs to come get him but no temporary reason but did not realize that her evil replica impersonate Fox's voice while fox who was beaten insulted sexual abuse emotional and physical as nikita rush to go to save fox however begin crying find out that fox was beaten and abused she tries to comfort him as she continues to cry he tells her there's no need to cry she tell him that everything is going to be ok Fox tells her to make sure no one doesn't die next and passionately kiss her on the lips immediately confess his feelings for her and die in her arms as begins to cry becomes very physical so sad and angry at the same time that not only her friends has been taken from her but the guy in the love of her life that she loved since she was a little girl dies in her arms.

wolf immediately enjoyed watching the kids cried for Fox's death which immediately leave with her replica but however deep down at the same time he had possibly regret it.

Lylat wars

as a few weeks and days went by after killing Fox wolf teammates decided to make more plans and continue with their killing offering however he noticed that nikita wants completely Revenge as she was going after his team for what they did to Fox including her friends however she became Outmatch and almost died but however Team Star came in and stop them wolf suggested that just wasn't the right time until she's ready as his team leave.

strip club

As days and months went by wolf and team decided to take a break as an open up a strip club and become Partnerships with a guy name Zach as mouths went by Azumi strip for her whole team and even Pigma who been trying to sexual touch her but only to be push and rejected by her however wolf notice of her good replica tries to kill azumi which the girls trying to fight but become sexual interest of the girls making out which after the entertainment he went in his room and look at him and fox picture when they was in the academy together he begin to miss his rival as noticed that his henchmen was in the room asking him how did she got in the room as personally they begin making out sexually.