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Wolf Link is the sacred blue-eyed beast in Twilight Princess. He is the "divine beast" that Midna explains the Twili have long believed would free them.[1] Link is transformed into this Wolf form due to the influence of the ever expanding Twilight covering Hyrule.[2] His whole body changes and reforms and leaving only his earrings and distinctive blue eyes. Though losing the ability to use items, the new form grants Link heightened senses and speed, along with many other unique abilities.[3] In this form Midna rides on Link's back giving directions, and allows him to warp using the Twilight Portals created across Hyrule.

Heart  110%
Might +1
Protection -1
Speed +2
Magik 0
distance -1


Type mouverest  Mouverest
Classic-Attacks: Claw
Special Attack-Normal Night claw
Special Attack-Side Bite at night
Special Attack-Top bite&claw
-Special Attack Down Claw
Distance-Attacks night time
-Defensive Attacks defensive mane
-Final Smash Wolf Furie

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