Wolf King
Full Name Tony "Wolf" King
Current Age 22
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Hakupu, Niue
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Great combat skill
Nationality Niue
Ethnicity Pacific Islander
Height 6'7"
First Appearance The Los Angeles Crew

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Wolf is a human from Niue. He has plenty of skill in fighting.


Wolf is a tall 22-year-old Pacific male with light brown skin and has medium length brown hair. He wears a green zip-up hoodie with a magenta shirt underneath, blue jeans and white and red trainers. He also has a beard.


Wolf was born on Niue, as Tony King. He was raised on the island for a good part of his life. He taught himself how to fight in case he got lost while on the island and had to fight any animals off. When he was 18, he was attacked by a wolf, but was able to fight it off, which lead to his nickname, Wolf. He moved from the island to Los Angeles when he was 21, to try and find more people to hang out with. Wolf has since made friends and started working with a group of people in a team.


Wolf is stubborn sometimes, but is up for following others' plans. He tends to get pumped up when preparing to fight.