#5 When You Know the Truth, pt 1
Main Characters Everyone
Information The contestants are on a day off. They will talk about their experience on the show and about the "Wolf Fanon War".
Writer of Episode HalerN
Eliminated N/A

NOTE: This episode contains the first confession cam in the Fandemonium series.


The contestants had to do their first challenge. There were cheating, losing, and winning. Unfortunately, it was Micool who won the challenge. And in the end, it was Yukimazan, who cheated in the challenge, who got the boot.

Helen: Well, today, you guys were going to have a day off.

Helen: But before we do that, let's form the teams.

Helen: In Team 1 is...






Micool the Master

Mick Cool

Henry the Moose


and Harley.

Helen: You guys are known as... The Fierce Swords!

Helen: Everyone not called before is on team 2.








Princess Gardenia

Groudous Maximus

and M'lcho.

Helen: You guys are... The Dangerous Knives!

Unten: (in the confession cam) I'm a knife? Oh snap... this team sucks.

Helen: Go take a break. We will interview you about the Wolf Fanon War. So, good luck.

At the house stalls...

Ninjette: (to the camera) When Helen created the Wolf Fanon War, it sucked.

M'lcho: (to the camera) I know. We were kinda shocked, but a violent season?

Helen: So, Ninjette, M'lcho, what was your experience of the first challenge?

Ninjette: It was dangerous.

M'lcho: Why make a season with weapons?!

Helen: Look, I've studied about the wars, like World War II. Plus, the producers forced me and Wolf O'Donnell to host this show, and I was like, "Why? It's violent!" and I remembered studying about the wars.

M'lcho: Wow, what was that?!

At the bedrooms...

Heart: (to the camera) Me and Kooper's experience here at the Wolf Fanon War... so uncalled for.

PKB: (to the camera) Oh, and the weapons, we're going crazy! Weapons are violent!

Heart: (to the camera) Why did the producers even make this show?!

PKB: (to the camera) Our experience here stinked!

At the living room...

Gardenia: (to the camera) It totally sucked.

Micool: (to the camera) Like, here. Creating a violent show with weapons is horrible! And the final two contestants have to battle wolves?!

Groudous Maximus: (off-screen) So, my rival...

Micool: Shut up!

In the bathrooms...

Tucker: (to the camera) What can I say?! My experience sucked! Violent, weapons, horror, Wolf Fanon War, what are the producers doing?

Henry: (to the camera) Oh, and weapons used for challenges?! We could kill someone! It totally is bad!

In the kitchen...

4.13: (to the camera) It was totally bad.

Unten: (to the camera) It sucked, but now that I'm eating in the kitchen, I can eat some food.

Harley: (to the camera) I think it was good!

Unten: But it's violent, man!

In the TV room...

McBoo: (to the camera) I hope I never compete in a show like this ever again.

Booberry: (to the camera) I guess I would rate this competition a 4 out of 10, because when you use weapons in a challenge, you're gonna kill someone! It's bad!

Outside the house stalls...

Helen: Ow, lot's of hate on this season! Stay tune for part 2!

To be continued!

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