#4 Sword Fight
Main Characters N/A
Information After the "Wolf Fanon War" begins, a new challenge is given: a sword fight.
Writer of Episode HalerN
Eliminated Yukimazan


Harley joined the battle for some fun. Heart, PKB, and some others found Helen, the host, in the woods. When they created the Wolf Fanon War, the contestants found themselves crazy!

Wolf: Contestants, you will be practicing a sword fight in order to fight in the... WOLF! FANON! WAR!

Helen: Now, fights are just for to practice for the war. And all you need is your SWORD.

Micool: Dude, we aren't wolves.

Wolf: Yes, we aren't. But, I want you to practice fights in order to BEAT the wolves in the war! The only people available to do that are the final two contestants.

Wolf: Now, start!

Yukimazan: Ha! Take that!

He tries to beat everyone, but everyone dodges his attack and is caught by McOober.

McOober: Yukimazan! Don't cheat or else you will be eliminated!

Yukimazan ignores him.

Yukimazan: (tries to attack everyone) HIYA! YA! YA! TAKE THAT! DON'T DODGE ME!

Henry: Dude, why are you cheating?

Yukimazan: HA! TAKE THAT!

Micool attacks Yukimazan.

Yukimazan: Micool, you must have a pretty good reason for attacking me! SHIT!

Micool: Don't blame it on me, because you cheated and we're annoyed.

Gardenia attacks Heart.

Gardenia: Got ya, Heart!

Heart: NO!

PKB: Not Heart!

Gardenia: We can attack ANYONE.

Yukimazan and Micool argue.

Yukimazan: I DID NOT CHEAT!

Micool: Did too!

Yukimazan: Did not!

Micool: Did too!

Helen: Settle down, everyone! What's the problem?

Micool: Yukimazan was cheating!

Helen: Yukimazan, if you cheat, I swear. You will be voted off. Now I noticed you got attacked first, so, OUT!

Yukimazan: NO!

A few minutes later...

Remaining contestants in sword fight: Micool, Groudous Maximus, and Ninjette.

Micool: Take that, Groudous! (attacks Groudous)

Groudous: Impossible! I'm not weak!

Helen: Now it's up for Micool and Ninjette.

Micool: Ya!

Ninjette: Hiya!

Micool attacks Ninjette.

Ninjette: Darn it!

Helen: Micool wins!

Later in the battle badge ceremony...

Helen: I have only twenty battle badges on my hand. So, it's time to vote for who will leave the game and go home. And if you don't get a battle badge, you cannot come back to this place permanently.

Helen: So, take your votes. Stamp on who will go home.

A few minutes later...

Helen: Looks like the votes have been cast. Now it's time to put battle badges on you.

Helen: The first badge goes to... Micool.

Helen: Ninjette. Unten. Xero. PKB. McBoo. Booberry. Heart. Gardenia. Chump. Nugg. Nuggette. Henry. Harley. M'Icho, Tucker. Mick Cool. Nightwolf. Groudous Maximus.

Helen: Now let me read the remaining votes.

Helen: 7 votes for... 4.13. And 14 votes for Yukimazan. So that means the last battle badge goes to... 4.13. Yukimazan, since you cheated the whole game, you're out.

Yukimazan: I DIDN'T CHEAT!

Helen: Yes you did!

Is Yukimazan really lying about how he cheated and thinking he didn't?

Find out soon.

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