#3 The Wolf Fanon War Begins
Main Characters PKB
Information A new contestant (Harley) joins the spinoff.
Writer of Episode User:HalerN
Eliminated {{{voted_out}}}

This episode contains a new contestant joining. You have been warned...

Heart: Now what do we do?

PKB: Search!

Suddenly, a new contestant arrives.

Harley: Hey there guys.

McOober: Nice to meet you.

Nuggette: Hello.

Wolf: Hey Harley.

Nightwolf: Are you Harley?

Harley: Yes.

Groudous: He is "Harley"?

Ninjette: Shut up Groudous!

Micool: Who are-


Back at the forest...

PKB: It's been taking so long...

Heart: Hurry up...

Henry: C'mon.

Nugg: We are getting late.

4.13: This is so long!

They find Helen then go back to McOober and Wolf.

Helen: Sorry, somebody pushed me to the forest. Oh, and hi everyone!

Harley: Hi. Who are you?

Helen: I am... Helen!

Heart: Hi, nother Kooper!

PKB: HE's Harley, Heart.

Heart: Oh...

Harley: Hey there pink girl. Hey there Purple Koopa. Hey there white thing. Hey there moose. Hello Nugg.

4.13: Hello Harley.

Wolf: Okay! Lets begin the Wolf Fanon War!

Xero: What?!

Heart: Shut up, Xero.

PKB: Heart.

Heart: Sorry PKB!

Wolf: Okay everyone, here are your swords!

Suddenly, the Wolf Fanon War begins.

Wolf: Okay, now lets practice the controls.

Wolf: Shield your swords, slash it, get a gun, then shoot your enemy.

PKB: Are you sure? This is not that right...

Heart: I bet he is right...

Wolf: Now taunt your partner to the back of you.

Wolf: Now that's all! You may begin the war!

The war begins.

What will happen in the war?

Next episode: Wolf Fanon Battle/Eps.4

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