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#2 The Search
Main Characters Heart
Henry the Moose
Information 4.13, Heart, PKB, Nugg, and Henry searched for Helen in the forest, but Helen is not there.
Writer of Episode User:HalerN
Eliminated {{{voted_out}}}

WARNING: This episode has a lot of dark stuff, so don't let any kids watch it.


McOober, Helen, and Wolf created Wolf Fanon Battle, the Fandemonium spin-off. The contestants were meeting them. Six of the contestants returned from the original Fandemonium. Helen disappeared, so Henry the Moose, 4.13, Heart, and PKB go to find her.

4.13: Hurry!

Heart: Ok


Heart: I wonder where she is...

Nugg: Can I come with you?

Henry: OK.

Nugg: How's Helen?

Heart: Dunno.

PKB: Yep. Let's go find Helen right now, understand?

Nugg: Yes, sir.

Henry: 'Kay.

4.13: Okay.

Heart: Yup.

4.13, Nugg, Heart, Henry, and PKB look behind the trees.

Heart: She's not there.

PKB: I agree with Heart.

Everyone except 4.13, Nugg, Heart, PKB, and Henry were with Wolf and McOober.

Nuggette: Where's Nugg?

Xero: I don't know.

McBoo: So, what are we doing.

Tucker: Per McBoo.

M'Icho: Yeah, what are we doing?

Micool: Hmmm...

Gardenia: Let me guess.

Unten: Yeah?

Nightwolf: What? Sh*t.

Booberry: McOober and Wolf, w-where's Helen?

McOober: ...

Wolf: She disappeared.

Chump: Duh.

Nuggette: Oh, snap!

Yukimazan: Wow....

Mick Cool: Yea!

Groudous: That was a joke that Helen disappeared. She might be somewhere.

Ninjette: I guess so...

Back to the forest...

Heart: Helen?

Nugg: Hello?

PKB: Where is she?

Henry: Helen...

4.13: Anybody home?

Heart: Nobody is here you dork.

Will Heart call 4.13 a dork again and kill him?

Is Helen in the forest?

If not, will PKB snap on her?

Next episode: Wolf Fanon Battle/Eps.3

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