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#1 The 1st Episode
Main Characters Tucker
Henry the Moose
Micool the Master
Princess Gardenia
Information Wolf, Helen, and McOober made the new Fandemonium spin-off, Wolf Fanon Battle.
Writer of Episode User:HalerN
Eliminated {{{voted_out}}}

All the contestants arrive.

Heart: This is great!

PKB: Yeah, don't you think, Heart?

Heart: Yeah...

PKB: I love you...

Heart: I love you too...

Later on...

All the contestants: Hello!

Helen: Hello!

Helen: ...

McBoo: Wow, this new Fandemonium spin-off!

Micool: Hey, what are we doing?

Gardenia: Good question.

Heart: Gardenia?

Later on...

Wolf: Okay, lets see...

Heart: Koopy...?

PKB: Heart...? There you are!

Heart: Here's a gift. I got this from my mom. She has a suprise.

4.13: Heart?

Heart: Yes?

4.13: Uh, sis, what is this good thing?

Heart: Will, we have a time to do something and I'm in this brand-new Fandemonium spin-off. I was in the previous Fandemonium.

4.13: Yea...

Heart: You know, I have PKB with me. I am taking care of him in this spin-off.

4.13: Okay. Whatever you want.

Gardenia: Wait, Micool?

Micool: Hey, stop Gardenia.

Gardenia: Well, I need a new drink.

Micool: 'Kay.

Heart: Wow...

PKB: Micool and Gardenia!

Tucker: There are a few things I had with this thing...

Tucker runs up the base of the stairs.

Heart: Tucker?

M'Icho: Tucker's escaped!

Heart: Right...

Henry: Heart, we don't know, but I love this new spin-off of Fandemonium.

McOober: Wow...

Wolf: I had enough of this. No more!

Tucker: What?!

Heart: What?!

PKB: We are in trouble!

Gardenia: Uh oh...

Nugg: Wow!

Nugg falls of the ramp at the cabin, making him kill himself. but doesn't die.

Nugg: This is not good!

Nuggette: Are you okay, sweety?

Nugg: Yes, I am okay.

Nuggette: I'm glad to hear that.

Henry: What are you doing?

Heart and PKB run into the room.

PKB: What's going on?

Heart: Yeah, what's going on?

4.13 runs down the basement, nearly with Henry.

4.13: It's gone!

Henry: Yeah!

Heart: What gone?

Henry: Helen is gone! She disappeared!

Heart: Are you sure?

Henry: Yes...

4.13, Henry, Heart, and PKB run out the basement.

Will Heart, 4.13, Henry, and PKB find Helen?

Will Nugg kill Henry?

And who will look for Helen?

Next episode: Wolf Fanon Battle/Eps.2

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