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Wizzro, the dark wizard.
Full Name Wizzro
Gender Male
Species Wizzrobe
Align Dark Forces
Current Status Alive
Class Wizard
Cia's Forces
Family and Relations
Cia (master)
Volga (ally)
Main Weapon(s) Ring
Ability/ies Black magic, shapeshifting, draining magical power from others as a ring
Sexuality Non-sexual
The Dark Sorcerer, Twisted Wizard
Voice Actor(s)
Tadashi Miyazawa
First Appearance Hyrule Warriors
Latest Appearance Hyrule Warrior Legends
Series The Legend of Zelda

Wizzro (ウィズロ Uizuro?), the Magician of Darkness (暗黒魔術師 Ankoku majutsu-shi?), is an antagonist from Hyrule Warriors.

For centuries, Wizzro was a ring worn by many different owners who practiced dark magic. The ring absorbed the various wearers' power, growing more powerful as time passed. Eventually, Cia used her sorcery to transform the ring into a sentient being, Wizzro. Though Wizzro acts as a subordinate to Cia, it has a tendency to follow those in power thanks to its many experiences. In the Adventure Mode, Wizzro is represented by a blue Wizzrobe sprite from The Legend of Zelda rather than an original sprite, unlike other new characters. His design also bears a resemblance to the Ghost Hunter/Poe Collector from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.


Wizzro was awakened by Cia inside Eldin Caves, where he joined her willingly. However, Cia was suspicious of his motives as he joined too willingly. Her suspicions eventually ended up confirmed when Wizzro decided to aid one of the King Dodongos used by Volga's forces to attack Cia and Hyrule, forcing her to fight and defeat Wizzro. Afterwards, she had placed Wizzro and Volga (whom she had intended to recruit in the first place) under her dark magic, not wanting their free will to prove troublesome to her.

Wizzro commands the force of monsters Cia sends to attack Hyrule Castle in the beginning of the game. Following Volga's retreat and the awakening on Link's Triforce of Courage, the dark wizard summons King Dodongo to distract the Hyrulean forces while he abducts Princess Zelda. Unbeknownst to either side, Zelda slips away in the confusion, disguising herself as Sheik.

Wizzro returns in the Eldin Caves, trying to stop Impa and Link's forces from reaching Faron Woods. He personally joins the battle when the Hyruleans send a pair of Bombchus to clear the path to the exit, but he is defeated and forced to retreat to his base in Faron Woods. When the Hyrulean Army - now merged with Lana's troops - comes to Wizzro's lair in Faron Woods, the dark entity flees once again, leaving Gohma to attack the heroes.

When Cia opens the Gate of Souls, Wizzro travels to the Era of Myth. Disguising himself as Zelda, he goes to Death Mountain and incites the Goron leader Darunia to violence against the Zora people. By the time Impa and Sheik bring Darunia to his senses, Wizzro has taken over the Water Temple in Lake Hylia, forcing the Gorons and Hyruleans to enlist the aid of Princess Ruto to open the way to "Zelda's" base. Wizzro used his disguise to lower the Hylian forces' morale, although Sheik and Impa manage to dissuade their doubts. When his main base is breached, Wizzro summons the local version of King Dodongo to attack Darunia and Ruto's forces, leaving Impa and Sheik to battle him. After defeating the evil sorcerer, Sheik uses the Mirror of Truth to break Wizzro's disguise and force him to retreat again - in the process, the mysterious Sheikah is also revealed to be the true Princess Zelda.

Wizzro makes one final attempt to stop the Hyrulean Army at the Temple of the Sacred Sword, the resting place of the Master Sword. Using his dark power, the evil wizard takes control of the ghostly soldiers defending the temple, leading them against Zelda's army in the guise of Lana. When Link defeats the fake to break its control over the Ghost Soldiers, Wizzro flees to the depths of the temple, allowing Link to claim the Master Sword. He makes a final attempt to kill the hero as he draws the mystical blade, but the sacred power proves too much for him, forcing him to retreat to the other side of the temple and summon reinforcements. After being defeated before his army can slay Princess Zelda, Wizzro directs the Hyrulean Army to the Temple of Souls, warning them that his master, Cia, will not be pleased by his defeat.

Battle Tatics

Wizzro mainly fights with dark magic, firing barrages of bullet-like orbs or giant beams. He can also summon various monsters, such as creatures resembling Moa and Wallmasters.

Fanon Appearances

The Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy

Wizzro appears as an optional boss for the Redeemed path in Lunatic Entertainment's large Zelda game.

Dampé Necro

Commander of the undead, the Necromancer

In the game, a mysterious character known as the Necromancer serves as one of Ganondorf's generals, ruling over his undead minions. When Dark Link finds out his plans on taking over the kingdom of Hyrule itself, he can either help or hinder the wizard. Should he choose to stop him, he will travel to the Whispering Catacombs dungeon in order to make himself more powerful, now that he must stop the traitorous Dark Link as well. Should Dark Link travel to that dungeon, he will come across the Necromancer still near the entrance, who informs him that he will use his magic ring as a conduit to transform his body into a vessel, but then awakens the undead to stall Dark Link before teleporting away.

At the end of the dungeon Dark Link will find he is too late to stop the process and the Necromancer will become possessed by numerous Ghinis and Poes. The process gives the ring a chance to take control of the Necromancer's body and he transforms into a new incarnation of Wizzro.

Eventually Wizzro is defeated as the Necromancer's body that he is existing through is destroyed, forcing the entity back into the ring.

Behind the scenes

  • In actuality, the Necromancer was not originally intended to transform into Wizzro, although he was intended to be an undead boss of some sort; however upon playing Hyrule Warriors Legends soon after its release, he found out about this character and saw several similarities between the two. With that in mind he chose to instead use the opportunity to reference another necromancer character instead of constructing a wholly new boss character from scratch.