Wizzle Bee is a game for the Super Nintendo released in 1995. It is the first game by the developers (I haven't created the page yet, lol.). It starts Wizzle, a bee that is trying to save Maple the Butterfly from Pisk the Giant Bull's-eye. Maple owns a huge garden, which a legend says there is a treasure hidden in it. Pisk kidnapped Maple and the Ladybugs, for an opportunity to bury the garden. It's up to Wizzle to save Maple and her garden.

The game was released in September 1995 in Japan, November 1995 in America and January 1996 in Europe and Australia. It was well-received by critics.


The gameplay consists of levels that mostly contain flying. Some levels don't contain flying at all (which are Levels 9, 14, 32, 39, 41, 50, 51, 59, 69, 81, 85 and 87, out of 90 levels total). There are enemies that can be defeated by either stinging, throwing hammers (which is a power-up) or throwing what's in the inventory, which can be acessed by stinging a baloon. There are collectible power-ups and coins which are inside bubbles (that must be stinged).

There are 7 ladybugs in each level. They are usually hidden in trees. If you find all 7, the level will be marked as clear. The game won't be complete if you don't find all ladybugs.


A button - Hold to fly

B button - Speed up/Throw Hammers/Pick or Let Go object

X button - Sting

Y button - Throw inventory item

+ Control Pad - Move

L button - Move map to the left

R button - Move map to the right

START button - Pause


Playable Characters

Wizzle (Akio in the Japanese version) - He is the only playable character in Adventure Mode. He is shown to be an handworking bee. He has a sister called Willie (Akiko in the Japanese version).

Willie (Akiko in the Japanese version) - She is only playable in multiplayer mode, where she would be player 2. She is shown to be tomboyish, rather more lazy than Wizzle.

Friendly Characters

Taylor (Ichigo in the Japanese version) - He is a firefly, notable for having blue light instead of green (like the enemies). He owns a shop on each series of levels, where he sells power-ups for coins.

Maple (Kazumi in the Japanese version) - She is a butterfly, and the damsel-in-distress of the game. She has purple, blue and green wings and wears a gardener suit with a hat.

Ladybugs - There are 7 in each level. They are required to finish the game. When found, they will fill a honey hexagon piece.

Alex (Toru in the Japanese version) - He is a small bee with a blue hat. Upon stinging a green baloon with a ! on it, Alex will appear and give out useful information.


Flies - They are found on nearly every level. They can be defeated by stinging or throwing something, aswell as by Invincible Wizzle (Super Akio in the Japanese version).

Spiky Flies - They are found on nearly every level (a notable absence is Level 1). They can only be defetead by throwing something or by Invincible Wizzle.

Ants - They are also found on nearly every level. They usually stand on trees, and can be defeated by any attack.

Burning Ants - They are mostly found on Treetop Fortresses (aswell as in Pisk's Castle). They can only be defeated by spraying water and then doing any attack.

Firefly - They are found on nearly every level. They must be stinged and will be stuck on the sting with light until you press B, or by throwing something or Invincible Wizzle, which would make them lose their lights and fall off the screen automatically.

Snails - Like ants, they usually stand on trees. They can be defeated by any attack, but, when stepped, they will hide in their shells, which can be picked up by B. Sometimes, the shells come by themselves, so you can build walls with them.


Bloopbird - He is the boss of Level 10. He is a black bird with red wings and eyes. He flies, throwing eggs, which must be picked up and thrown at him. Once hit 10 times, he dies and reveals a honey bottle.

To be continued...

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