Beech the Wise is a wizard that lives in Palette town in East Kantojo from Pokémon Dark and Light he serves a similar role to that of Pokémon Professors in that he hands out starting Pokémon to new trainers and helps guide them on their way however he does not seem focused on catching every type of Pokémon, instead he seems focused on tracking Pokémon that seem to be going extinct. Beech has many wild ideas like catching Pokémon in small balls instead of magical tablets and he also seems to think that Kabuto and Omanyte will be extinct within years due to their small population.

Beech wanted his family name to continue on but his one daughter married a man named Samuel Oak much to his chargin. He very much so wished that his family name could live on but he still takes great care of his grandchildren Garry and Delilah, often putting them ahead of his research. He treats James like the son he never had and tries to hook him up with Elizabeth.

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