Within the Dream - Descent
Episode Number 2
Writers DisturbedCrow
Previous Part Within the Dream - Awakening
Next Part Coming soon

I took the jump from the ledge and descended into what laid under me. The feeling of curiosity has been taking the wheel for my entire stay in this "World", and I could not control myself, I just had the feeling that I had to explore deeper into this realm within my mind. Surprisingly, within five minutes of the descent I only just began seeing a glimpse of what was below. My chest tightened as I neared the ground, and thus, I crashed onto the rock below.

The pain was excruciating.

The light loomed above me, and reminded me that this was within my mind and that I was not physically harmed, and none of my limbs or bones were broken during the crash into the ground. I had quite some trouble getting back onto my feet due to the pain suffered from the fall, but I persevered, and managed to get up. I gazed at the land around me, it was a very large area of flowing water, and a port. The water glistened in the light of the "Sun" above.

"This place seems to be a rather large section of your mind, generally as land does indeed get bigger, it generally symbolises that you are going deeper within your mind." said the light, as it floated around the rather bizzare port, observing every detail of it. The quote-on-quote "Boats" in this section of my mind were rather bizzare as well, most of the machines were molded into a shape similar to an upright "D" with turbines on the top and the bottom of the straight, back-end of the machine. Within the middle of the curved edge laid a control area, where the machine's crew could control the boat. "We are to board this large craft here," the light told me, as it began flying towards a larger version of the bizzare ships. "Though, first, may I remind you of the fact that you are aware that this is a dream?" the light told me, I shook my head with a nod. "Should you be aware that you are indeed in a dream, you should generally be able to manipulate things around you, it is indeed possible for you to fly, or levitate objects near you. Try it on this pebble over here" said the light, as it floated towards a small rock on the bay. "Focus all your energy on attempting to lift the rock" the light reminded me. With that, I attempted to lift the rock.

The rock began levitating within the air

I was amazed at the possibilities of this world, though, there is one small question I have not been able to understand. There is something, of which is the size of the earth, which is able to dictate gravity, and as the light told me, the larger platforms are, the more they represent of your thoughts.

This situation began puzzling me.

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