Within the Dream - Awakening
Episode Number 1
Writers DistrubedCrow
Previous Part N/A
Next Part Within the Dream - Descent

I awoke to a clear, blue sky looming above me. For whatever reason, I had been sleeping on a small patch of grass, for whatever reason. I heaved myself up and stood, legs trembling in anxiety. I gazed at the land around me, floating platform of soil and grass overhung whatever was below me, I didn't need to find out after all.

Across, several platforms away, a dark light ebbed near a Tree situated on the platform. I feared what would happen if I came towards it, but curiosity took over, and I leaped platform to platform, interesting in what this light was, and why it was here in this bizarre area of debris. Once I had leapt onto the final platform, I approached the light carefully, and with that, I carefully prodded the light. It flashed for a second, and what happened next shocked me.

"Good day," the light responded, I was not fazed by the fact that the light could actually understand me considering I had been standing on floating ground. I decided to try the safest thing, and asked the obvious.

"What are you?" I asked.

"I serve no purpose other than to assist you as you delve through this world, I am merely a guide, made by your very own mind to safeguard you from what is ahead." the light answered, I raised an eyebrow of confusion, but it merely drifted towards another nearby platform. I started to get frustrated at the fact I had to chase this light in order to get answers. Once I reached the platform, it spoke once more. "This world, is in truth, a melting pot of thoughts. All of your dreams, intentions, hatreds, are all within this world. Come, this is merely a set of floating platforms, we shall now descend into what truly is within your own mind." said the light.

I was confused by the prospect of a "descent" at the time, though as soon as the light rushed towards whatever was below, I knew what it meant.

I took the jump.

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