Witch Hunter
Dark Diamond Studios
Dark Diamond Studios
Broadcaster(s) America: Cartoon Network (Adult Swim)
Type TV Show
Genre(s) Anime, Action, Comedy, Drama
First Air Date(s)
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
TV-14 for: LSV
Opening Theme TBA
Ending Theme TBA
Country of Origin Worldwide
Original Language English/Japanese
Season(s) TBA
Episodes 20
Runtime 20-25 minutes
Status Developing

Witch Hunter is an anime based off of the Manhwa of the same name. It is about Tasha Godspell, a high-class Witch Hunter and his supporter, Halloween, fighting Witches who have declared war, while trying to save Tasha's younger sister. Along the way, they are helped by lots of people, but mostly Xing, a girl-crazy guy, and Terras, the King Narcissist.



Official Art Name Description Debut
Tasha Tasha Godspell is an A-class Witch Hunter. He and his supporter Halloween together have killed many witches, and recently are fighting alongside Tarras and Xing. The Fake Witch
Xing Xing is a girl-crazy man. He is a part of Tasha's group, and is an A-class Witch Hunter nicknamed the Flash Fist The Fake Witch
Tarras Tarras is a major narcissist. He is an A-class Witch Hunter with rock powers. He is a part of Tasha's team. The Fake Witch
Halloween character
Halloween Halloween is Tasha's supporter. She fights with the two swords Yin and Yang. She is a part of Tasha's team. The Fake Witch
Varete Varete is an evil witch that works for North. She has taken Tasha's little sister, and is given orders to kill East.


Official Art Name Description Debut
Vanir Vanir is the witch of Abore, the town Monica is from. She is a little cowardice, and uses her magic to control other people. The Red Thread


Season 1

Note: Each episode is based off of two chapters in the series

No. Name Description Characters Notes Script
1 The Fake Witch/The Fake Witch! Tasha's little sister? Tasha Godspell tries to enter a city to kill a witch, but when he is rejected, he tries to burn it down, and is arrested! Tasha, Aria, Halloween, East, Amos, Linda, Xing, Tarras Part 1 of the Red Witch arc

First episode

2 Sibling Rivalry/ Aria Godspell! Friend or Foe? Tasha, Xing, and Halloween begin their battle with Aria, when Tarras joins in. Meanwhile, the Witch North tells her most trusted worker, Varete, to go and take care of East. Tasha, Xing, Halloween, Aria, Tarras, North, Varete, East

Part 2 of the Red Witch arc

3 The Red Thread/The Red Thread!The Secret Witch? Tasha, Halloween, Xing, and Tarras are now a team. They enter a Abore, but a girl named Monica steals Halloween! Tasha catches up to her, and she tells him that the town has a dangerous witch in it. Tasha, Halloween, Xing, Tarras, Monica, Vanir PArt 1 of the Monica arc TBA
4 Monica the Witch/The second Witch! Monica's secret? The battle between Tasha and Vanir continues, and Tasha is very hurt. And will Monica reveal her secret and save Tasha? Or let him die? Tasha, Halloween, Vanir, Monica, Xing, Tarras Second part of the Monica arc. The end of book 1 in the Manhwa. TBA
5 Vanir and Monica/Monica! Will Vanir convince Monica? The battle with Vanir ends. Monica joins the group, and they all go to the secret Witch Hunter train and go to a new city. But, when they get there, Tasha is accused of murder. Of a Witch Hunter! Vanir, Monica, Tasha, Halloween, Xing, Tarras Third part of the Monica arc TBA

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