Witch Gypsy
The Darkest Witch Gypsy.
Full Name Witch Gypsy
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Location Kangaroo Island
Current Status Alive
Class Villain/Hero
Robots, Kangaroo Island, Megabot 3000, John (sometimes), Damian (sometimes), Joey McBoo (sometimes)
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Wand, Wings
Ability/ies Wand, Time, Poison, Possess
Vulnerable To Nothing
The Witch Gypsy, WG
First Appearance Double J RPG
Latest Appearance Double J RPG
Witch Gypsy is the secondary villain and forth party member in Double J RPG. She is John's worst enemy. She leads an army of robots and mutated creatures to take over Utopia City but usually fails. She has Dark powers making her vulnerable to nothing and strong against everything. She is also the strongest party member but also the slowest. She can also use Magic which is an element only the Witch Gypsy is capable of using. With her magic she can possess enemies making them work for her or change elements of certain enemies such as the Blob Trio. She can be controlled by Player 4 in multiplayer or Player 1 in Solo.

Double J RPG

In Double J RPG, she appears in the end of Chapter 1 as the main enemy of the game. She also tries to take over Utopia City, John, Damian and Joey McBoo's Hometown in Chapter 2. During Chapter 3, she is forgotten and thought of to be destoryed by trouble brews up at Kangaroo Island and a powerful being over powers her and her troops and starts covering the Earth in darkness. John and Damian along with Joey McBoo hunt the new villain down to stop it during Chapter 5, but they are stopped by the Witch Gypsy. She is defeated by the three heroes and joins the team to get her troops and home back. Later in the game she is kidnapped by the new villain along with John and must be saved by Damian and Joey. In the end, she gets her power back and leaves John, Damian and Joey McBoo alone.