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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 2
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Platform(s) Nintendo NX, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, PC, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2D Platformer, Action-Adventure, RPG
Series Wisps of the Forest
Predecessor None
Successor TBA
Wisps of the Forest is an upcoming 2D Platforming, Action-Adventure, RPG developed by Darklight Studios and Published by Fantendo for the Nintendo NX, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, PC and Visus Sphere. It is the first entry in the series known as Wisps of the Forest.


The gameplay of Wisps of the Forest is somewhat reminiscent of older NES & SNES games featuring 2D Platforming styles which are mixed with some simplistic RPG styles. The player controls the sorceress Mudanca as she travels across the various lands of Magic. Mudanca is capable of performing various platforming techniques, primarily; Jumping, Sprinting, Kick Flips, Wall Jumping & Ledge Grabs. In addition to these abilities, Mudanca has a magical staff that allows her to cast magic in various ways depending on what art of magic is imbued in the crystal. Using the Primary Action Button, and Secondary Action Button, Mudanca can cast a variety of spells to help her navigate through levels.

Throghout these levels, coins, treasure and items can be obtained which can aid Mudanca in her quest. In addition to her primary Art of Magic (which represents her aesthetic appearance and primary Action button), Mudanca can alternate between other arts of magic for her secondary action button. Mudanca can even combine spells together to create more powerful spells and deal new effects.

Mudanca gainst experience through the use of her spells, able to increase their charge rate, attack power and her own mana points for a specific art of magic as it increases as well as learn new spells. As Mudanca learns new spells her spell tree changes accordingly, changing what future spells she can learn based on what she arts of magic she focuses on.


In a realm where Magic dominates all forms of life and where man and beast have not quite conquered each other, there exists many settlements of men, several in particular in which magic thrives and is taught in ways that science is taught on Earth. In one of these towns, known as Aprenda lives a young sorceress known as Mudanca. Mudanca was gifted in the various arts of magic from a young age and along with her brother, Alma learned at the Magic Academy of the town where they were taught the arts of magic for; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Electricity, Spirit & Light as well as taught to avoid the forbidden art of magic, Darkness.

However in an attempt to teach themselves even greater techniques, Mudanca accidentally tapped into her instinctive knowledge of Dark Magic, using it against her brother, Mudanca lost control and the Dark Magic was rejected by her body, and into her brother's. Her brother seemingly lost forever, caused Mudanca to explore for her brother in hopes of returning him home. However after several years she returned to her home town and although more experienced in the arts of magic she still had, it had caused her to lose hope of finding her brother.

However during her time exploring for her brother, a mysterious castle of stone and fire rose up from the Medo Mountains casting an ominous shadow over the land, as Mudanca was out exploring the castle corrupted the creatures of the land whom swiftly destroyed the Magic Academy that Mudanca and Alma had learnt from. Upon returning, Mudanca having found her town in a state of fear became determined to find the cause of the foreboding castle.


Mudanca has access to a variety of spells that increases as her proficiency with different arts grows. Some spells help her directly in combat while others provide assistance in navigating treacherous levels while others are passive and help Mudanca survive. There are 7 arts of Magic; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Electric, Spirit & Light each with a variety of spells and combination spells when two arts are combined.

Level Spell Type Fire Spells Water Spells Earth Spells Air Spells Electric Spells Spirit Spells Light Spells
1 Combat
Fireball Mudanca
Water Whip Mudanca
Water Whip
Rock Shard Mudanca
Rock Shard
Wind Cutter Mudanca
Wind Cutter
Bolt Mudanca
Pacify Mudanca
Shining Orb Mudanca
Shining Orb
1 Assist
Mini Jet Mudanca
Mini Jet
Bubbler Mudanca
Heavy Lifter Mudanca
Heavy Lifter
Mini Hover Mudanca
Mini Hover
Low Charge Mudanca
Low Charge
Sleeper Powder Mudanca
Sleeper Powder
Light Up Mudanca
Light Up
2 Assist
Jet Boost Mudanca
Jet Boost
Dowser Mudanca
Earth Raiser Mudanca
Earth Raiser
Skilled Jump Mudanca
Skilled Jump
Spark Swimmer Mudanca
Spark Swimmer
Soul Collector Mudanca
Soul Collector
Highlight Mudanca
3 Passive
Fire Resist Mudanca
Fire Resist
Ice Resist Mudanca
Ice Resist
Poison Resist Mudanca
Poison Resist
Steady Feet Mudanca
Steady Feet
Static Resist Mudanca
Static Resist
Motivated Mudanca
Darkness Resist Mudanca
Darkness Resist
5 Combat
Fire Spitter Mudanca
Fire Spitter
Ice Spike Mudanca
Ice Spike
Sand Wave Mudanca
Sand Wave
Mini Tornado Mudanca
Mini Tornado
Lightning Spear Mudanca
Lightning Spear
Density Phase Mudanca
Density Phase
Light Pulse Mudanca
Light Pulse
9 Passive
Lava Walker Mudanca
Lava Walker
Deep Breath Mudanca
Deep Breath
Thorn Walker Mudanca
Thorn Walker
High Jump Mudanca
High Jump
Magnetic Mudanca
Seeing Eye Mudanca
Seeing Eye
Reflection Mudanca
10 Combat
Flamethrower Mudanca
Mini Wave Mudanca
Mini Wave
Mud Blast Mudanca
Mud Blast
Wind Lance Mudanca
Wind Lance
Chain Lightning Mudanca
Chain Lightning
Turncoat Mudanca
Blinder Mudanca
12 Assist
Jet Flare Mudanca
Jet Flare
Giga Bubble Mudanca
Giga Bubble
Megaton Lifter Mudanca
Megaton Lifter
Hover Mudanca
Overcharge Mudanca
Colour Drain Mudanca
Colour Drain
Glower Mudanca
15 Combat
Fire Wall Mudanca
Fire Wall
Frozen Blitz Mudanca
Rockslide Mudanca
Vortex Wheel Mudanca
Vortex Wheel
Plasma Ball Mudanca
Plasma Ball
Reflector Mudanca
Refractor Mudanca
18 Passive
Fire Immune Mudanca
Fire Immune
Ice Immune Mudanca
Ice Immune
Poison Immune Mudanca
Poison Immune
Lightweight Mudanca
Static Immune Mudanca
Static Immune
Determined Mudanca
Fast Sprinter Mudanca
Fast Sprinter
20 Combat
Fire Rain Mudanca
Fire Rain
Tidal Wave Mudanca
Tidal Wave
Eruption Mudanca
Cyclone Mudanca
Cyber Charge Mudanca
Cyber Charge
Bounce Back Mudanca
Bounce Back
Mirror Wave Mudanca
Mirror Wave
22 Passive
Lava Swimmer Mudanca
Lava Swimmer
Amphibious Mudanca
Thorn Swinger Mudanca
Thorn Swinger
Long Jump Mudanca
Long Jump
Conductor Mudanca
Visionary Mudanca
Safety Net Mudanca
Safety Net
23 Assist
Solar Ball Mudanca
Solar Ball
Water Leech Mudanca
Water Leech
Root Swing Mudanca
Root Swing
Atmos Flight Mudanca
Atmos Flight
Lightning Jumper Mudanca
Lightning Jumper
Spirit Climber Mudanca
Spirit Climber
Purify Mudanca
25 Combat
Fogo Burst Mudanca
Fogo Burst
Agua Rain Mudanca
Agua Rain
Terra Crater Mudanca
Terra Crater
Vento Cannon Mudanca
Vento Cannon
Trovao Wave Mudanca
Trovao Wave
Raiva Control Mudanca
Raiva Control
Leve Beam Mudanca
Leve Beam


Wisps of the Forest Map Locations

The realms in which Mudanca must progress to reach the Castle of Medo Mountains contain a variety of levels and areas that Mudanca must face before reaching her destination. There are 4 major Towns and 15 locations to explore although not all need to be visited to access the Castle of Medo Mountains with only the Forest of the Wisps, Spirit Lake, Red Wave Canyon & Jungle of the Ancients required. However visiting the additional locations grants Mudanca further experience and optional bosses with special items that can help her in the last two locations; Medo Mountains and The Castle of Darkness.


Across the realms exist 4 towns, these towns are where most people live and although magic is found in almost every person, it is not commonly used in any of the towns outside of their respective academies.

The first town and the one the player starts at is the home town, Aprenda which is located in the South-East of the Realms. Asperda has often raised some of the most powerful Earth and Fire Sorcerers in existence and has a strong connection with the Forest of the Wisps in which many of its students go to complete their training. While the town has diminished in size due to the destruction of the first academy and nearly half of the town, the remaining townsfolk have rebuilt and have a new academy, albeit have lost much of the knowledge they once possessed.

The second town in the realm is the riverside town of Cacar, Cacar is known for its Water Sorcerers who used their ability to shift the river into a shape that highly benefited their town. Cacar has brought life to what was previously part of the Eastern Wasteland and was able to defend itself by flooding the darkness of the first attack, Cacar's head sorcerers commonly practice making and enchanting items to imbue them with greater power.

More TBA


Location Levels Boss Items
Torn Field 8 Abyssal Monster Diggerbug Claws
Field of Stones 14 Stone Golem Chaneller Gauntlets
Forest of Wisps 16 Cursed Wispmother Wispwater Bottle
Blackbolt Plains 15 Lightning Elemental Plasma Shield
Eastern Wasteland 24 Mutant Ravager Mage's Staff
Bridge of the Fallen 9 Shadow Knight Chameleo Boots
Spirit Lake 18 Leviathan Beltermech Bubble
Radiant Swamps 22 Swamp Troll Gaia's Robes
Jungle of the Ancients 18 Ghost Emperor Phantom Chainmail
Mystic Foglands 14 Fog Elemental Eye of Forthsight
Dry Steam Ruins 12 Magma Demon Ruby Crystal
Red-Wave Canyon 17 Canyon Basilisk Revenger Fang
Cursed Woods 11 Woodrot Bark of Eternity
Medo Mountains 20 Gemstone Beast Stone Necklace
Castle of Darkness 8 ??? None

Torn Field

Torn Path Map Locations

Torn Field is the first location the player visits on the way to the Castle of Darkness, the Torn Field was ravaged by the corrupted creatures and has become a danger to anyone attempting to travel through the area. A large fissure opened up in the area and some of the remaining monsters built a large wooden tower to guard the area. There is said to be monsters that lurk deep within the abyss, born from the darkness it emits.


  1. Hill of Endurance
  2. Broken Roads
  3. Bombardment Run
  4. Bridge of the Abyss
  5. Abyssal Nest
  6. Ridge Rock Rumble
  7. Enter the Tower
  8. The Tower's Peak

Field of Stones

Field of Stones Map Locations

The Field of Stones is an ancient site where it believed powerful sorcerers once challenged each other to combat like matches to the death to see who was the most powerful. Now only the ruins of this blood-ridden past remain and the descendants of these sorcerers are unknown. The stones and ruins are covered in moss and a lone giant Wisp Tree stands in the center of the ring of stones, disconnected to its fellow Wisp Trees. To the north of the Wisp Tree is a curious rock formation known as the Jeweled Maw which is said to have lead many travelers to their death due to its dazzling gemstones and steep pitfalls.

  1. Stonecrush Valley
  2. Mossfield Tunnels
  3. Crossing of Swords
  4. The Southern Ruins
  5. Ancestral Climb
  6. Edge of the Wisp Forest
  7. The Glowing Mountain
  8. Pinnacle Boulders
  9. Verdant Plain
  10. Lone Rock Spire
  11. Roots of War
  12. Gladitorial Cliffs
  13. Tree of Blood
  14. Jeweled Maw

Forest of Wisps

Forest of Wisps Map Locations

Said to be one of the four sacred locations of the realms, the Forest of Wisps is believed to be where all Magic originates from as there are powerful forces within the forest that have protected it from all forms of magic including Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, Tornados, Wars, Droughts & Ice Ages. The forest gets its name from the Wisps that live within it who channel the magic from within the trees to bring to the Wispmother who in turn creates new life. The Wispmother is protected by various defences to stop intruders getting into her inner sanctum.

  1. Woodstone Cave
  2. Leaf Step Ridge
  3. Craggy Peak
  4. Den of Wolves
  5. Mystic Grasses
  6. Treetop Ascent
  7. Pitfall Canopy
  8. Lost Child Paths
  9. Swingvine Crossing
  10. Pond of Energy
  11. Possessed Passage
  12. Deathwind Breezeway
  13. Root Road Rampage
  14. Crystal of Desejo
  15. Wisp Haven Maze
  16. Sanctum of Magic

Blackbolt Plains

Blackbolt Plains Map Locations

Believed to have been the origin of Electric Magic, the Blackbolt Plains are known for their bizarre crystal structures that generate colossal amounts of energy from within, many sorcerers who train under the art of Electricity have been said to tap into their true potential from the crystals. The areas surrounding the Crystals challenge Electric Sorcerers by pitting them against Electricity itself, hyperconductive metals, absolute darkness and electrified water. The Tower in the center was carved out many centuries ago by ancient Electric Sorcerers who transcended their mortal bodies into pure elemental form. Darkness has infected the Blackbolt Plains however making the realm chaotic and highly dangerous to travellers.

  1. Shadowy Trenches
  2. Crystal of Pam
  3. Hyperconductor Spires
  4. Hyperesistor Spires
  5. Crystal of Tawa
  6. Chiselstone Pass
  7. Crystal of Tolv
  8. Webwater Bridge
  9. Crystal of Shmo
  10. Buzzreed Rivers
  11. Lightningstreak Peaks
  12. Abyssal Trials
  13. Gates of the Azure Palace
  14. Thunderous Ascent
  15. Azure Palace Peak

Eastern Wasteland

Eastern Wasteland Map Locations

A violent and unforgiving place where a great presence of Darkness still resides, the Eastern Wasteland is littered with the destruction caused by such force and is a testiment to the dangers that lurk further north. The Eastern Wasteland has a spectacle of features some which were created from the attacks of Darkness while others existed from a time long since past. The Wasteland's inhabitants are often more aggressive than anyone outside of the Eastern Wasteland.

  1. Silent Banks
  1. River of Fury
  1. Grievous Grassland
  1. Crosswave Rivers
  1. Craggy Spires
  1. Erosive Cavern
  1. Vicious Tunnel
  1. Rigged Crest
  1. Fractured Hill
  1. Rockslide Valley
  1. Thorny Woods
  1. Freezing Peak
  1. Invasive River
  1. Foaming Rapids
  1. Relic Tree Branches
  1. Relic tree Roots
  1. Doomer Waterfall
  1. Chaotic Canyon
  1. Silver Streak Plains
  1. Oddity Monument
  1. Archaic Binds
  1. Spiralling Waves
  1. Verdant Cliffs
  1. Dark Wilds 

Bridge of the Fallen


Spirit Lake


Radiant Swamps


Jungle of the Ancients


Mystic Foglands


Dry Steam Ruins


Red-Wave Canyon


Cursed Woods


Medo Mountains


Castle of Darkness







Like games before it, Wisps of the Forest features collectibles. Collectibles in this game are the Wisps, the creatures that lend their energy to create the magic of the world. There are two reasons for collecting Wisps, the first is to stabilize the world giving the player the true ending to the game, and accounts for part of a 100% Completion. The second reason is to cleanse the Wispmother, who was cursed by the Dark Magic of the Castle of Darkness, upon cleansing her the player receives a special item that helps them in their final battle.

There are a total of 1150 Wisps across the game, 25 of which are found in one of the four towns (10 in Aprenda, 5 in the other towns) as well as 1125 throughout the many levels, there are 5 in each level and before entering a level the player can see what of the 5 wisps in each level they've collected, this helps with finding missing wisps.


  • Wisps of the Forest is the 11th Official Series created by Darklight Studios
    • It is however only the 5th Major Official Series created by Darklight Studios following; Fire & Ice, Basilisk, Neonplex & War of Light
  • There is a secret ending to Wisps of the Forest if the player completes the game at least seven times before with one time for each mastery of one art of magic