Wisps are a sentient species living on Aeo, who are living beings composed of magic energy. They were created by the Elves, but since learned to increase their own numbers. In the Quietus timeline, mindless, feral Wisps also emerged from the artifact explosion.

Wisps have a short lifetime of about 15 years (in the Kresthitan Calender), with the longest ever natural lifespan being 18 years.


The Wisps were originally created by the Elves shortly after the invention of magic; through refinement of the spell to create them, they eventually gained full intelligence and learned to manipulate magic themselves. Many Elves (and their Human slaves) began to feel concerned when the Wisps became capable of duplicating themselves, but as they were not considered a threat the Elves merely asked them to find a new land to call their own.

Unaffected by physical sensations such as cold, the wisps migrated across the ocean to begin inhabiting the North Pole. There, they began to form their own society and their numerous cultural quirks emerged.

The next time wisps saw contact with the other sentient races was when the Kresthitan Empire discovered the North Pole. Having previously thought all humans to be the slaves of the elves, the wisps were surprised and agreed to teach the Kresthitans of their history and culture, and for some of them to return with them to see how the rest of the world had changed.

Blood Trance

Wisps are one of the playable races in the game, with two characters belonging to them: Mien and Si. Their unique trait is that they do not have any Health, only Concentration; once their Concentration is emptied, they die. They also cannot be revived through Necromancy, as they do not have ghosts.

The spectral bodies created by Necromancy are considered to be wisps for gameplay reasons.



When a Wisp is born, they are only given a two-letter name. Every five years they live, they are allowed to add another letter into their name at any point. This allows others to gain a rough estimate of how long any other wisp has lived from only their name, as they show no physical signs of aging.

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