Wisher's artwork by Decca03
Full Name Wisher
Gender Male
Species Wish
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Mario and Luigi: Wishing Well
Latest Appearance Mario and Luigi: Wishing Well

Wisher is one of the three main characters in Mario and Luigi: Wishing Well. He lives in the Wish Kingdom.


Mario and Luigi: Wishing Well

Wisher met the bros. when they found a well. Then a Dark Wish appeared and Wisher decided to teach the bros. how to fight.

After going through the well, they end up in a jungle that has been taken over by Moono Bruno and his gang. They stumble upon a cannon and the bros. need to get Wisher some diamonds so he can teach them a special attack. Then they lit the cannon and met Moono. They had a showdown.

Then the bros. and Wisher went to a temple there they came across another cannon problem. But this time they had to be the cannon. After bringing Wisher all the diamonds they shot themselves out of the cannon. They ended up waking up Owlan and had another showdown.