Wis the Willow
Adventure Version
Date of Birth Around 1990
Gender Agender
Species Animatronic Willow Tree
Current Status Broken/Unknown
Ability/ies Disabling machines, corrupting machines.
Vulnerable To Taser
Height Medium-Short
Weight Average
Sexuality Robot
Series Several Nights at Fierce's

Wis is an animatronic in Category:Several Nights at Fierce's, albeit a pretty strange one. He is a retrofitted version of a prototype named "VirusProto".


As Wis

Wis is a mechanical willow tree animatronic. He has odd colors, his wood beign cyan and his leaves olive. He is apparently made of actual wood. He only has 1 eye. He has three legs and three "branches".

As VirusProto

VirusProto looks rather similar to Wis, except he has no suit on, making him an endoskeleton.


Wis can, like the other animatronics, disable cameras. While he CAN kill people, he usually disables or corrupts thier mechanics instead. He can be rather fast at times, ironically since he's a tree. He seems to have some form of sentience.


Wis is never very serious. He tends to joke a lot. He is very mischievous and is often seen messing around. He likes tricking people into doing stuff they shouldn't do. All of his words are capitalized for some reason. He is slightly "random" at times.




  • While Wis does not have a gender, it is often reffered to as male.
  • Wis is the only animatronic in Several Nights at Fierce's to have only one eye.