Wipeout: Nintendo addition is a rated E game on the WII U. It is 1-5 players.


All the nintendo characters get a letter from a unknow host that says "Congrats! You have been enterd to win one millon gold coins, the rarest rupies, the taistest food, the fastest ship, a ghost free mansion, a new power suit, a shiney pokimon, and high tec ballons. Little did they know, that the game is beging ran by BowserGanonKing DededeRidley, Team Plasma, King BooDark Matter, and other nintendo other bad guys who wants to get rid of all of the heros for good.

Playable Characters


  1. Mushroom Course
  2. Hight Speed Course
  3. Dream Course
  4. Icey Course
  5. Space Course
  6. Creepy Course
  7. Plaza Course
  8. Park Course
  9. Sky high Cousre
  10. Dark Matter Course
  11. (Bounes Stage) Star course


  1. Bowsers Wet Arena
  2. Dark Falcons Dark Waters
  3. King DeDeDe's Wet Wounderland 
  4. Icey Mutation
  5. Ridleys Claw Course
  6. King Boo's Eriey Water Park
  7. Dark (Your Mii's Name) Tosic Waters
  8. Dark Montias creepy course 
  9. AirShip Colud Park
  10. Dark Matters Ocean
  11. (Bounes Boss) Ultra Dark Matters Imporved Ocean