Welcome to your sanitarium... it's nice and cold, just perfect for your depression to settle in... sit in any cell you like, because you'll never leave it...
Winter Storm

Winter Storm
Current Age 27
Date of Birth February 20th
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Snowflake Shurikens
First Appearance Unknown
Winter Storm is a sanitarium owner located on the Bitetach planet, having once been a bandit in a gang full of thieves prior of them beginning to physically and sexually abuse her. Traumatized by the events, she ended up surrendering her position as bandit, and was sent to a sanitarium to clear her mind. She entirely forgot about her time as a bandit during her time in prison, but subsequently was unable to escape a state of depression. Eventually, when she was let free, she created and managed her own sanitarium so she could torment others' negative thoughts and feelings. She resides in the Zaxinian Lifts.


Winter Storm possesses a slender figure and a moderate-sized bust, wearing white and blue rags covering up her entire body barring her head, neck, hands and feet and some of her upper chest, displaying just a bit of her cleavage. Her hands have blue circles on their palms displaying their cyrokinetic powers and her feet are instead in blue shoes. She has sky blue hair in very long pigtails that touch to the ground, the tips being purple. Her eyes are black with purple pupils, and has a scar on her forehead, obtained from a fight she had with her gang.*

* This description was written in early 2016, so it may not be very clear due to my grammar having been really off during that time period.


Winter Storm is pretty silent usually and prefers not to speak unless she finds it a necessity to. While silent, she always greets people rather calmly and happily to her sanitarium, ushering them in with warm arms and inviting their depression to grow and thrive. She can be seen as stone-cold and heartless due to her inability to care about her suffering prisoners, but she always claims what she's doing to the people in there is what humanity did to her. She has a rude tint to her speech when not at her sanitarium. When asleep, Winter often wails and sniffles in her sleep as she receives deformed nightmares about her abusers.

Even though she tends to be cold, she can warm up to people that act kind to her and don't attempt to get on her nerves or get on her case about a lot. However, she makes it very difficult for people to tell if they've left an impact on her or not, always just warmly smiling at them and behaving casually around them. When confronted over things, she will turn away in embarrassment and be really quiet, and will start crying if she has to come to telling the truth or explaining what happened. If people get closer to Winter, she won't be as cold and can be receptive and understanding, though she'll always treat them like a loser even in jest.

A reason for her silence and her coldness comes from the fact that she spent most of her childhood confused and lonely. She went through her teenagehood and early adult life with a bunch of awful criminals who didn't treat her well at all. Visualizing everyone else like this, she began treating almost every stranger as if they were the same, only lifting this feeling off of certain people if she befriends them.


The Snowflake Shurikens are her only real weapons, they are thin blades that can be tossed as easily as frisbees, sticking to walls. If they hit enemies, they'll freeze them up temporarily and allow her to get up close and begin attacking physically or with an array of prepared Snowflake Shurikens. While they melt after being out for a while, Winter can regenerate them with her cyrokinetic powers. However, she rarely uses her shurikens, preferring to just trigger deep emotions in others and hurt them psychologically instead. She does this by reaching into what's up with their attitude and making them feel bad for their behavior. Because of her cold-hearted nature, she has infected minds to such a point that others end up inflicting self-harm because of the doubt she casts upon them all.



  • A lot of Winter Storm's execution came from the canceled Choose Your Own Adventure - Ride Through the Lifts forum adventure.

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