Wingman artwork 1
Wingman's Standard Appearance
Full Name Wingman
Gender Male
Species Green Tropical Bird
Location Wabawubu Jungle
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Sketch Orbs
Ability/ies Flying, Attacking
First Appearance Wingman (Game)
Wingman is the star of the Wingman series. His first game has the same name as he does. (Wingman (game).) Feel free to use him in any of your spin-off or adventure games.


Wingman has 5 basic moves:

  • Slap
  • Jump
  • Dash
  • Kick
  • Sky Slam

Here are the 5 advanced techniques Wingman can use:

  • Double Jump
  • Super Jump
  • Super Slap
  • Super Kick
  • Speed Dash