Winged Nexus Online is a Winged Nexus MMORPG developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya.



Pretiuma is the default starting region for all Elemental fairies.


Alencarh is an optional starting region for Stone Elemental fairies.


Lunitia is the default starting region for all Vampire fairies.








Character Creation

When starting a new character, a variety of decisions must be made. The most major gameplay affecting decision is whether to be an Elemental or a Vampire fairy. If Elemental is chosen, the player must also decide which element they are and if Vampire is chosen, which bloodline they are.

The available elements are:

  • Stone
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Air

The available bloodlines are:

  • Weakblood
  • Prince
  • Lunatic
  • Prisoner
  • Enigma

After that aesthetic choices such as gender, appearance and voice are made. Winged Nexus Online does away with traditional statistics and attributes from other MMORPGs, instead using the simplified Identity system detailed below.


Unlike traditional MMORPG's, Winged Nexus Online does not use an experience/level system for player progression. Rather, obtaining achievements earns progress towards unlocking new abilities on the Identity tree, which returns with a few major changes from the first game.

Each character's Identity tree, determined by their element or bloodline, has three major sub-trees: Adventuring, Crafting and Social. Unlike the first game, no points must be spent on unlocking the trees. The most major difference to the Identity trees from the first game, however, is that each node contains multiple choices as to what ability will be unlocked, which generally align with the usual MMORPG class archetypes (tank, DPS, healer, etc).

Various respec merchants exist throughout the game who can be paid to undo points spent on the Identity or to change the chosen ability on a particular node (abilities cannot be removed if abilities that branch down from that node have also been chosen).

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