Winged Nexus
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Developer(s) Twenty-Second Choice
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Platform(s) Wii U, Hybrid Fusion, NextGen Bluevolt
Release Date(s)
Single player, local and online four-player co-op
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure

Winged Nexus is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Wii U, Hybrid Fusion and NextGen Bluevolt, and the first game in the Winged Nexus series, an attempt at creating a fully original series.


The Nexus Habitat is a planet, within which is contained an artifact known as the Winged Nexus - it is said that this artifact can grant the wishes of whoever possesses it. For many years, the fairies who lived on the surface of the Nexus Habitat lived in peace; until the arrival of vampirism. It was unknown how it started, but it spread rapidly until the fairies started fighting back against the vampires, forcing them to fly away to live in Lunitia, where they would form their own settlements and wait until they had enough numbers to return to Pretiuma.



  • Demi: A tomboy-ish fairy who can control stone, which she uses for her job as a builder.
  • Presta: A perfectionist, kleptomaniac, social recluse, and aspiring witch who has a natural ability to control gravity.
  • Encor: A male fairy with the abiltiy to control sound.
  • Jera: A somewhat bossy girl who can control fire.
  • Dee: A unique fairy with a love for the water, which she has the ability to control.

Important NPCs

  • Noctis: Presta's pet cat.
  • Dellas: A girl who can control lava, with a slight case of multiple personality disorder.
  • Arkt: A friendly and energetic boy who can control electricity.
  • Tokubet: A germaphobic fairy with control over air.
  • Pretumia: An outgoing fairy with the ability to control the emotions of others.
  • Ashley: A calm and friendly fellow with a somewhat menacing appearance, who has the ability to control fire.




Winged Nexus is a third-person action adventure game, with a focus on combat. All characters are capable of flying for an infinite amount of time. The combat of the game is a combo-based system, with combos being either melee or magic. Individual enemies can be targeted, or the player can manually aim their attacks.


By defeating enemies, experience points are earned and distributed evenly amongst the five playable characters. These experience points can then be spent, per character, on unlocking new abilities in a branch-based menu called the Identity. The level cap for each character is 75.

Each character's identity contains three sub-trees, each of which contains 8 abilities to unlock. To unlock abilities, first the tree itself must be unlocked. Each ability can also be upgraded twice.


Multiplayer can be played up to four players, either locally or online co-op. Each player can play as a different character, and while playing online they use their own individual Identity's for their characters (while in local play, the characters use the identities they have on the local save file). The differences with the main campaign mainly involve difficulty, making the game more difficult to compensate for the extra players.

There is no limits on exploration while playing co-op, until a player wants to go to the next area, when a vote is called and, if the majority of players vote in favour, they are all moved to the next area.


The artwork for the game is done by YoshiEgg (tbc).