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The wind allows me to fly! Without it, I will die!

Windi the Teddy Bear
Current Age 6
Gender Female
Species Teddy Bear
Location Western Forest
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Wind
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance BowieQuest α
Teddy Bears
Family and Relations
Bowie (father)

Ashe (brother)

Flare (mother)

Sabeuxo (uncle)

Oscargen (cousin)

Voice Actor(s)
Dan Green
Windi is one of the minor characters in the BowieQuest series. She debuts in BowieQuest α as a playable character. Windi is the sister of Ashe and the daughter of Bowie and Flare.


Windi was born a small while after Ashe was created. Upon birth, her new wind powers threw the roof off of the family's house. She immediately befriended everyone, but gained a mischievous side over time.

At the age of 2, she met Endal, and managed to blow him away, preventing an encounter too early. Eventually, at 6, she joined Bowie in his adventures, despite the earliness.


Game Appearances




Windi thinks of herself as beautiful, which doesn't bring up much trouble, but finds herself courageous and responsible, in which she isn't. She's mischievous and dangerous to be around when angered.  Interested in poetry, she often speaks in haiku or rhymes her sentences.  Often, Windi will make similes and metaphors, annoying some other people.



They seem to get along well. Relationship is mostly unknown.


As brother and sister, they surprisingly get along together well. They play with each other often and share many interests. They can rival each other at times, however.


They enjoy to pull pranks on Bowie and Ashe from time to time.


Sabeuxo and Windi can work together well, but they barely spend time together.


While Oscargen can be very rude to Windi sometimes, the two can get along very smoothly.


Like how the other bears' relationships with Endal, Windi hates Endal's guts.


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