Wind-Up, Skylanders: SWAP Force

Full Name Wind-Up
Gender Male
Species Wind-up Toy
Main Weapon(s) Wind-Up weapons

Wind-Up is a Tech Skylander from Skylanders: SWAP Force.



Super Smash Bros. Beta (cancelled)

In the cancelled Super Smash Bros. Beta, Wind-Up was to be an unlockable playable character. Completing 325 matches would have to be cleared before Wind-Up could have been played as.

Wind-Up was to feature a wind-up meter: filled when he runs and attacks. When fully charged, his up special, Overcrank, was to gain maximum height, draining the meter.

Special Moves

  • B: Toy Gun - Shoots rapidfire suction-cup projectiles; a quick, steady way to harm opponents.
  • Side B: Knockout Punch - Charges up a giant boxing glove, and releases to cause damage and awesome knockback.
  • Up B: Overcrank - Spins upward in the air rapidly; the more the wind-up meter is filled, the higher he goes when using overcrank.
  • Down B: Wind-Up Whirlwind - Spins rapidly like a top in place; can be steered slightly.
  • Final Smash: Springing Out

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