Willy, the overweight blue plumber.
Current Age 13 (in most games)

27 (in Mighty Willy Powers)

Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Robitown
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Jen - Brother

Woofbot, Meowbot - Former Owner

Main Weapon(s) Earth Staff
Ability/ies Earthquake
Willy is a new light blue plumber that stopped the world from losing its color with Jen. He used to be in Rowan Productions, but is now bought by Magic Games Incorporated. He and Jen Will be in an upcoming game...


  • Ice Mario looks like Fire Willy
  • One of Luigi's alternate colours in SSB series is normal Willy
  • It is still not proven that jen is his sister.
  • Since Rowan Productions was defunct, Willy will no longer appear in the same game as Woofbot and Meowbot...


Mighty Willy Fights

Willy is 13, but is a heavy character, his big finish is Earthquake.

Mighty Willy Powers

Willy is 27 in this game, he is a starter leader.