If you won't join me, then you'll join another group! The Dead Squad!
Wild X

Wild X

Wild X


The Sneaky Villian
Full Name Wild X
Current Age 1,000,000,000+
Gender Male
Location Fun Town
Current Status Alive
Class Villian
Main Weapon(s) Gems of Life
First Appearance The Guap Squad II: The Legend of Wild X
Latest Appearance The Guap Squad III: The Truce

Wild X is the main antagonist in The Guap Squad II: The Legend of Wild X! Though he is originally thought to be good, he actually tricked the Guap Squad into getting the Gems of Life back for his master plan! He was created by Green Productions!


Wild X is a trickster to the max! He is truely evil and doesn't settle for lower than destroying the world! Or destroying The Guap Squad.


Wild X is an X with slots for gems, black eyes, and a siant smile.


The Guap Squad 2: The Legend of Wild X

Wild X is set to appear in The Guap Squad's sequel as a hero? Though through out the game he acts like an inocent character that needs help. In the end of the game, you find out it was a trick so he could regain the Gems of Life which gives him all of his evil power

The Guap Squad III: The Truce

Wild X returns again along with his new partner, Mild X! He is now much stronger then he was in The Legend of Wild X.


The Guap Squad

Wild X feels the same about the whole Guap Squad. He thinks they're annoying pests that should have minded their own buisness.

The Eviltons

Despite the fatc that they're both evil, Wild X still hates The Eviltons because they stole the Gems of Life from him, stopping him from destroying the world.

Mild X

Wild X thinks Mild X is an awesome partner! IF it weren't for him, Wild X would still be a puddle of ink in his mansion after the Guap Squad defeated him.


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