In a world inhabited by animals that talk, anything could happen!


Playable Characters

  • Jackson the Jackrabbit

Jackson is a jackrabbit who wants to explore the Animal World. When he is told to be the chosen one, Jackson experienced his dream.

  • Felicia the Bat

Felicia is the Queen's messenger, when the Queen gets kidnapped, she had to travel with the chosen one.

  • Ethan the Hedgehog

Ethan is Jackson's cousin, and he followed Felicia and eventually found himself fighting the prince of evil!

  • Nathan the Wild Boar

Nathan is Jackson's best friend, when he finds that Jackson left, Nathan and some of Jackson's other friends go look for him.

  • Ashton the Capuchin Monkey

Ashton is another of Jacksons friends. He, Nathan and 2 others went to travel to the Apple Palace to help him on his fight.

  • Kyle the Zebra

An incredibly brave horse, when Nathan asked if he could come with him and Ashton and someone else to the Apple Palace, Kyle couldn't have said no!

  • Darren the Beaver

Darren is the complete opposite of Kyle! When Nathan asked him to come, he was against of the idea but went anyway.

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