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Wild Woman Leah
Leah Needlenam, a Wild Woman
Full Name Leah Needlenam
(Sarah Auvic)
Date of Birth September 8, 1991
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status In Crow's "pack"
Class Former Doctor
"Wild Woman"
First Appearance N/A
"Wild Woman Leah" (known as Leah Needlenam born Sarah Auvic) is an alternate version of Leah that is part of Crow's "pack". A former doctor and also formerly part of The Twisted Cross, during her and X-Ray's escape she came across Crow and adopted her lifestyle. Fairly feral now, Leah goes by the title "Wild Woman Leah" now, although she is fairly civilized compared to Crow and can still read and write.


Leah has purple hair, a trait she was born with and gave her mother much trouble and caused the Twisted Cross to kidnap her. The hair has grown out and looks rather wild as she doesn't take care of it. Twigs and shrubbery can be found in her hair as well. She has wild eyes with light or dark shadow under them, a result of how little she sleeps. She has rather sharp teeth and is seen smiling often. She has incredibly pale skin as well. She wears cloth bandages over her chest and a black collar over her neck, not connected to anything. She has a long loin cloth covering her legs and wears brown boots. She also wears black cloth bandages over her arms.


Sometimes passive aggressive, sometimes snide, rarely nice (except to X-Ray, the woman of her affections) Leah isn't really that great of a person. Leah does not think too much when speaking, often blurting out the first coherent things that come to mind, no matter how crude they are. She frequently swears and gets into fights, although is often seen oddly calm in situations that don't call for it. She refuses to participate in several events, although is instantly swayed if X-Ray feels the opposite. Leah is fairly stubborn and often gets her way, but is submissive to X-Ray's desires.

Leah has taken on some of Crow's traits as well, becoming a scavenger of sorts. On occasion, she takes the clothes from her enemies once defeated regardless if she needs them or not. Some have believed she does this as a act of humiliation for her opponents, but it seems more likely that Leah just takes everything she can from her enemies irregardless if she needs them or not. She often crawls on all fours similar to a dog when traveling from place to place as well.


Leah Needlenam was born as Sarah Auvic to a loving family that consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Auvic. During the first three years of Sarah Auvic's life, she was noted for her purple hair, which neither Mr. or Mrs. Auvic had, suggesting that Mrs. Auvic had cheated on Mr. Auvic, although DNA tests confirmed this was not the case. While word got around town about the purple haired baby, a group called the Twisted Cross took notice, noting a prophecy about a purple haired woman that would either bring down the organization or save it. They murdered Mr. and Mrs. Auvic and took Sarah Auvic to be their own, intending to train her to become the savior of the Twisted Cross.

After 20 years of being in the Twisted Cross, Leah met X-Ray and fell in love with her. Not willing to experiment on her, she betrayed the Twisted Cross by saving X-Ray and burning down the Twisted Cross headquarters. She and X-Ray were on the run when they met Crow, who saved them from an wild animal attack and they learned her ways, becoming part of her "pack".

Shortly after joining Crow's pack, she secretly took some of Crow's blood and found out it was an incredibly strong virus killer, injecting it into her and X-Ray to avoid sickness. Crow supposedly doesn't know about this, and they now have Crow's "invincible blood".

Powers and Abilities

Taking the power of Crow's blood and injecting it into her own bloodstream, Leah is mostly immune to any disease. She is able to eat raw, dead animals without signs of sickness or fatigue later. She has knowledge of the past Fantendoverse and has vast medical knowledge that rivals even the top in the field. Unlike Crow, she is able to read and write just fine.



Part of Crow's "pack", Leah often fights with Crow over being the "alpha". This caused many fights, all of them which Leah has lost. Crow slightly distrusts Leah, but the two are usually on friendly-enough terms. Crow sometimes considers Leah to be a mate, but there is seemingly no actual romance between the two.


Leah is smitten at the very least, by the thought of X-Ray. Crow seemingly doesn't seem to care too much about her, but will do things to make Leah angry and upset if Leah attempts to usurp her role as the alpha. There is hints that X-Ray likes her back, but is confused by Crow and Leah's relationship and Leah herself is afraid of messing things up.


  • Wild Wman was inspired by Lethalverse Leah and Dr. Needlenam (Omega Prime), her design being done between creating designs for the two versions.
  • She often has sap in her syringe.