Wild Hagase (Shiki)
Full Name Wild Hagase

ワイルドはがね (Wairudo Hagane)

Current Age 18
Date of Birth June 23rd, XXXX
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species Nymph/Human hybrid
Location Hayashimura
Current Status Alive
Class Archer
Family and Relations
Shiki Liang Ren (Adoptive Sister), Shaolin Liang Ren (Adoptive Sister)
Main Weapon(s) Eirin Bow
Ability/ies TBA
Vulnerable To Melee attacks
Voice Actor(s)
Yuki Kaji (JAP)

Yuri Lowenthal (ENG)

First Appearance Shiki: The Bronze Hero
Latest Appearance Super Smash Brothers 5 (unreleased)
Wild is the deuteragonist of Shiki: The Bronze Hero. He is one of the starting four playable characters.


Wild has soft green hair with black bangs that fall onto his shoulders, and pale purple eyes. He wears a black vest with white trim, baggy black pants with a beige rope belt and short gray boots. He has two lime green feathers in his hair, along with a thick, dark green scarf wrapped around his neck at all times. Since he is part nymph, he has long pink wings (But cannot fly with them, due to being them being weak and fragile). Wild's cheeks are covered in black tribal markings; a trait all nymphs have. 

He has fair skin, slightly darker than Shiki's, and looks about 5'8".