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The Wii W is the successor to the Wii U. It will come out some time in 2017 or 2018.
Wii W, or Wii UU

The logo for the Wii W.

 In Europe it is known as the Wii UU. It's name being the Wii "W" may be a pun on that it is the successor of the Wii U and the name of the Wii "U" and "W" sounds exactly like "double u". So that is possible or even likely where it got its name from. One of the known games is New Super Mario Bros. W. Another is The Legend of Zelda: Powers of the Links. It is unknown what its successor will be, but it will probably come out some time after 2025.

History of Nintendo's Home Consoles

  1. Nintendo Entertainment System
  2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  3. Nintendo 64
  4. Nintendo GameCube
  5. Wii
  6. Wii U
  7. Wii X
  8. Wii W

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