The Nintendo Wii V is a 9th Gen console with customizable resolution. It is the successor to the Wii U.  It makes use of motion control and a VR headset.


The name Wii V was chosen because, V being the letter after U, it seems a fitting name for a console to succeed the Wii U. Furthermore, the V stands for VR (Virtual Reality).


The main part of the Wii V would be somewhat similar in appearance to a pair of sunglasses, but larger, and with the screen (which is similar to that of the Oculus Rift)further from the eyes, to allow for people with glasses to use it and to prevent significant damage to the eyes. To balance this on a person's head there is also a counterweight on the other side. It is also without a divide between lenses. It may be compared to Godot's headset in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, but black and without the 3 red lenses. There are also pairs of gloves and socks with sensors attached and armbands and straps around the leg, all of which with sensors. These would use motion control to give a full VR experience, in which your physical movements affect the game.

The Wii V is used on a treadmill-like device, which also uses the sensors to detect one's movement, and move in a direction to accomodate for the person's movement.

For the reason of needing this treadmill, this is a home console only. 


However, a limitation is that this could only be used for first person games, unless in the screen the player is given a controller to control games from within the console. Alternative to games, there is also VR cinema and chat rooms. The cinema could also function as a chat room and maybe be used for YouTube or watching movies with friends. To buy things, a VR shop could be used as well.  

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