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Wii U 3D
Developer(s) AVG Inc.
Console Type Home Console
Backward Compatibility All console games (But there is a device called the Wii U 3D Player, which can play handheld games).
Camera, 3D graphics, virtual shop, 3DS connectivity, and many other features.
The Wii U 3D is a console made by AVG Inc. It has all of the 3DS and Wii U's features, but it can do many different things.


The system comes bundled with the system, a controller, a Wii 3D Sports disc, a computer connector cable, and some built-in apps.

These are the built in apps.


Donkey Kong 3D: This is the original Donkey Kong, but in 3D.

Mii Channel

Photo Channel

3D Shop

3D Media Center: Here you can buy movies, TV Shows, and music with real money.

You can buy these apps from the 3D Shop:

Mario Bros. 3D

Games from past systems.

In-Game Purchases

Wii U 3D games can connect with the 3D Shop to make in-game purchases. Below are some examples.

In-Game Money

Extra levels

Temporary Upgrades, like endless invincibility for 1 level of a game.

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