What's Wii U.U

Wii U.U is successor to Wii U (which is his Predecessor) and is also (as Wii U) Handheld. It has a touch and 3D
Wii U U --- Wii U U --- 25% size

Nintendo Wii U.U's front side. Its 25% size, because full size is too big for upload.

screen, sometimes is called a "Wii U 3D", but this is not an official name. Sadly, not yet made, but its similar to today's Nintendo 3DS. Don't have two displays. Have only one.

Wii U.U has too good feature as Wii U, and that when you play the Wii , you can continue playing on the Wii U.U!

Wii U U

Wii U.U official logo.

What reads

Reads discs from the Wii and GameCube, cartridge from [[BNintendo]] DS and his types, Nintendo 3DS and 128-megabit cartridge from Game Boy Advance. And of course, discs from the Wii U.U.


The main feature of the Wii U is the controller, which a 9.3 inch (23,622 cm) touch screen in the center with the
Wii U U --- stylus

Stylus for Wii U.U; 7,5cm × 1,25cm

traditional digital pad to the left of the screen and the A, B, Y, and X buttons like the Nintendo DS to the right. The controller has two analog pads, one on each side of the screen and over the traditional buttons. The L and R buttons are located behind the controller, as are the ZL and ZR buttons. C-buttons are here. Below the screen is the home button, situated between the - select button and + start button. The power button is directly below the screen. New is S-buttons and Z button (from Nunchuck, but in circle).

Using the Wii U.U

It can be used with a stylus and features a frontal camera, a microphone, a stereo speaker, sensor strip, rumble system, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, rechargeable battery and built-in flash memory to store data.


All inputs and outputs are on back side of Wii U.U!


You can insert the USB 2.0 flash disc, CD and DVD, SCART, YPbPr, VGA, S-Video and HDMI.


SCART (this is for video and audio), HDMI, S/PDIF and if you want external microphone, one mini jack and one TRS connector .


Two PS/2 connectors, one for keyboard and second for mouse.





SCART, HDMI, mini jack and S/PDIF.


Bluetooth and infrared signals.


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