Wii U²
Developer(s) Nintendo
Product Family Wii
Generation 9th
Storage Hard Drive, 750GB
CPU PowerPC 5 core Processor 2.57 GHz

GPU:Nvidia Titan Pro based GPU

Backward Compatibility GameCube (Pro)

Wii (Regular, Pro) Wii U (Regular, Pro)

Predecessor Wii u
Nintendo Wii U² is a Ninth-Gen Console developed by Nintendo. It was a huge success, unlike the Wii U, and sold over 2 million units the first month.


The Wii U² has three different variations, a cheap one, the normal one, and the pro version.

Wii U2 U2 Pro mini U2
500GB 750GB 100GB
Yes Yes No
2 U2 Controllers, 1 Wii U Gamepad 2 U2 Controllers, 1 Wii Remote, 1 Wii U Gamepad. 1 U2 Controller
Wii, Wii U Wii U, Wii, GCNN64 No


New Super Mario Bros. III
Wii U2 Sports
Super Mario 28
Super Maria Sis.