The following is a list of different landmarks found in Wuhu Island in the game Wii Sports Resort U. The list will have the names of all the landmarks and the descriptions for them seen in Island Flyover.


Bowling Alley

Day: Here's where you can Wuhu Island's featured sport!

Dusk: This place is always crowded by Miis, no matter what time it is.

Night: Did you know you could change the color of your bowling ball by pressing A, B, X, and Select?

Tennis Court

Day: This Tennis court has been around for ten years! Wow! (reference to Wii Sports)

Dusk: For some reason, The Tennis Court is only for the guests at Cocoba Hotel...

Night: What's your favorite, (Mii name)? Table Tennis or Tennis?

Pool Patio

Day: There's nothing like hanging out at the pool with Miis on a sunny day!

Dusk: All the Table Tennis balls are at the bottom of the pool... Hopefully the next shipment of them will come later...

Night: It's very common for dogs to leave Frisbee matches so they can cool off in the pool...

Cabana Lagoon

Day: How peaceful... Sitting down in a chair near the sea, listening to someone play the Ukulele, and watching Miis fly kites...

Dusk: This is where most Miis go fishing.

Night: This would be a great place to watch fireworks...

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