The newest, most fun game for the Wii U - Wii Play U! Choose from fifteen different little activities that are in no relation to each other and have bundles of fun!


Techno Tank Fest

You are placed inside of a tank - blue or black - in a Tron-like techno colored maze (that has colors of blue and black). The objective? Take down the other team, whether it would be a CPU, a friend or someone you're playing against online, and come out victorious by reaching the end of the maze! You start in a little rectangle on either side of the maze known as the base. You can stay in the base for as long as you want, though once you exit it, you cannot go back in. You cannot shoot from inside the base, and nobody can shoot you. It's like a super safe-zone. The maze is randomly generated so that each time you play you do not know how to escape the maze. Doors on either side of the maze are the exits, and they will only open once the team guarding that door is taken down. If you are shot three times, you become a ghost. You cannot attack anybody and nobody can attack you. Not only that, but you are invisible to everybody, even your team. Once you're a ghost you can just explore the maze to your hearts content, as there really is nothing else to do.

The Puzzle of Trust

One player is randomly chosen to be the puzzle-maker. More on that later. Once that player is chosen, everybody is dropped into a weird puzzle among the lines of those in Chompworks Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2. All but the puzzle-maker are trapped in a cage, and it is the puzzle-maker's job to complete the challenging puzzle and get everybody out. For those who are trapped in the cage, it would be extra helpful to help the puzzle-maker complete the puzzle. It may also be good for those people as being trapped in a cage is not very fun (unless you try to find the puzzle's solution!). There are fifteen puzzles and they are randomly chosen each time you play unless you want to choose what puzzle you want. This way, if you liked solving the puzzle or the chaos you once had trying to help your friend solve the puzzle, you can relive that experience.

Battle of the Lands

This game is sort of like the Streetpass mini-game Find Mii, but enhanced with multiplayer. The story goes (yes, it has a story) that King Leonard has been captured, and you must rescue him by going room to room defeating monsters and unlocking keys to get to the next room. You'll never be able to control your character in this game (as in this isn't an open world game - you cannot move around as you like) as it is an RPG game where you'll just be picking attacks and using them against the monsters. You'll have an army of Miis you've created alongside you whether you're playing with friends or yourself, and when they are all defeated, the game is over. Your army of Miis will be bigger if you have created more Miis, so get right to the task of creating Miis for a bigger army! However, certain features on a Mii make it weaker or stronger (for example, using a Mii with a blue shirt against a monster with a blue shield or blue magic would be a good idea). You do not know what features are better or worse as the game does not tell you, so beware.  There are twenty-five rooms in all, each adding a distinct challenge as you go on. Can you save King Leonard?

Don't Fall Off!

You (and your friends if they're playing with you) are placed on one of five shapes: a cube, a pyramid, a rectangular prism, a cone, or the most challenging, a sphere. The shape will turn and turn and you must keep up with the pace or you'll fall off. The shape will turn faster and faster as you go on, and sometimes a sudden burst of speed will occur without warning. The game goes on until nobody is remaining. If you get really far the shape may start to break apart, leaving less space for you move around, making this mini-game the definition of chaos. You'd be a saint to make it to when the shape starts breaking if you chose the sphere as your shape. I mean, seriously!

The Search for Success

This game plays out in a board game format, where you move around the board like you do in Mario Party - hit a dice block and move the number of spaces. But to shake things up a bit, the game has almost the exact same rules as LIFE, minus the 'action cards'. You'll still be able to choose between going to college or getting a career, you'll still be able to get a baby and a house, and the goal of the game is to still get the most money at the end. The careers are all based off of Nintendo games - you can be a plumber, an adventurer, a party animal or a food-tester (based off of Mario, Link, Wario and Kirby). There are obviously more careers than just that. The houses are also based off of Nintendo games - theres a Toad house, a tiny midevil hut, Wario's house and Kirby's cottage. And the babies? They're the babies from the Mario games. Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina and Baby Wario. And what's more is that the currency is Mario coins representing 10k, rupees representing 20k, Pokémon money representing 30k, and so. This is a Nintendo themed board game - and you don't have to worry about the pieces!

Big Block Blasters

There's a massive tower of blocks. It's so tall that it almost seems endless!! You must strategically shoot the blocks in such a way that a lot of them fall. However, there's a catch. There are blue and red blocks, and you must knock down the blocks that are the same color as the team you're on. Even if you're not aiming for the other team's blocks you could knock them down  because if you knock down one block at the bottom of a tall pillar the entire thing falls! You'll lose three points for each enemy block you shoot down. Luckily, though, those blocks are not available for the other team once shot down. The person who shot down the most blocks that are their color by the time the gigantic tower is gone wins. If you're playing with friends, you'd use the simple 'pass 'n play' concept: pass the Wii Mote to the next person so that they could play.  

Fall and Fumble

You are placed at a tremendous height in the air with a bunch of other Miis, including your friends if you're playing with them. There's a trampoline on the ground, and you must try to knock other people out of the way of the trampoline as well as try to avoid being knocked out of the way yourself to be the last player standing (or jumping, whichever you prefer). The game goes on until one person remains (as I just said) so try to be that last person and impress everyone!

Draw This, Please

A picture is shown to you on the TV, and you must draw it as well as you can. Amazingly, you don't have to use the GamePad unless you really want to, as you you can point at the TV and draw with the Wii Mote (which is painful). So it really is a complicated process trying to decide who uses the GamePad when playing with friends. You can choose for the pictures to be of low quality, medium quality or high quality, essentially meaning easy to draw, just right to draw or hard to draw. You have five minutes to draw your picture, and when you're done the results are given out in the form of letter grades; if your drawing was bad, per-say, then you'd get an F, and your Mii would shake his head in shame. But if your drawing was amazing you'd get an A+ and your Mii would strike a pose. Awwww!

Make a Character

Pretty much the Check Mii Out channel from the Nintendo Wii, but minus the Miis (and simplistic Mii creator). You are asked to make a certain character in the form of a "Character Challenge", i.e 'Make a character that looks like Mario!'. You then make the character from the creation studio! Shape his body, draw in his features, create his clothes and shoes and add in anything else that you think fits. Once that's done, upload your creation and wait for everybody else to finish if they're still at it. Once everybody's done, the winner is chosen!

Target Tantrum

Classic shooting mini-game. Aim at the targets and shoot, and earn more points by shooting targets that are harder to reach. Golden targets will rarely appear, and they give you a hundred points. Considering the fact that you need a thousand points to win and you only have two minutes to get that amount, golden targets are really golden. There are also millions of callbacks to Duck Hunt here - ducks designed exactly as they were in Duck Hunt will fly out of the grass when you shoot at it and the classic Duck Hunt Dog will laugh at you in full HD whenever you miss a golden target. Dag Nabbit! And, as something extra, if you shoot the flowers, Pikmin will fly out of them, a callback to not only Pikmin but Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, where if you hit a golf ball into the flowers Pikmin would fly out of them!

Hide and Go, Thief!

In this mini-game there is a thief. Nobody but the thief knows who the thief is, and he is hiding from the other players (or just you, as when you're playing by yourself a computer player takes over being the thief). The thief often makes his own unique noises coming from one side of the screen, telling players where to look. This gives the players an extra hint as to where the thief is hiding. The thief must collect three apples and try not to be noticed while doing so.  There are five stages:  Talky Town, where nobody can hear the thief but it is easy to see him, Silent Streets, where tons of people are moving but only a few people make a peep, although similar to the sound the thief makes, Fruity Funhouse, a balanced stage, Turning Disc, a stage that flips every now and then (the thief could be on the bottom when the top is showing), and Fruitville, where everybody is obsessed with fruit.

Test Your Brain!

In this little game you and three other peepz, whether they would be your friends or computer players, take turns competing in random challenges that really get your brain thinking!! There are thirty-six different challenges hidden in this little fun game, so prepare thy anus for some awesome fun! The challenges go from solving a math problem to having a Mii rush past the screen in a hot air balloon and you must guess what face it was from the selection given to you. And don't think it's easy, cuz it isn't! One wrong move and you'll be wearing the dunce cap!

The Test of Side Quests

You can choose from one of three special locations, and once you've chosen your preferred location you are dropped right into it, and you (and possibly your friends) are given five whole minutes to go around and do random, wacky side quests for money. Whoever has earned the most money at the end of the five minutes wins not only the money that they've collected, but also the money of the other contenders! Tough luck!

Truth or Lie

In this minigame you are given a statement (such as, "You Don't Wipe After Doing Business" or "You Eat Cereal With a Fork") and you must answer the question by either picking true or lie. Everybody takes turns picking truth or lie for their statement until three rounds are up. Once three rounds are up, the interrogation sequence commences! You are told that the GamePad has been secretly picking up your voice and knows if you were lying or not! Ooooo! It's up to the GamePad to decide who is the most honest - and that person will win.

Hot, Hot Potato

Pass either the GamePad or a Wii Remote around in real life as if you were playing hot potato. The catch here is that the hot potato is so hot that, in a matter of time, it'll randomly explode. You just don't know when. A randomly generated time is picked each time you play to ensure that you'll get the best hot potato experience whenever you choose to play. And remember: don't be the one holding the controller when it explodes, or you're out. The game goes on until just one person remains. That person is the victor! (And quite literally if that person's name is Victor).

Wait. Like in the last Wii Play, there's a bonus mode for every game when you play it a certain number of times. For example, the bonus mode in Techno Tank Fest is "Techno Maze Fest!", where you must find the solution to the maze, and that is your only goal. Bonus modes cannot stray too far from the actually game they are the extra mode for - or else it isn't cool.

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