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Wii Party 3 is a game made by Fantendo, Nintendo and Lake Erikson Games Inc. The game is going to be released in January 7th, 2019, and also the second Wii Party Game for the Wii U. You can play only as Mii.

Wii Party 3 Logo

New logo for the game

Origin of the Game

Satoru Iwata has to make another game relationed to Wii Party, but he was too lazy to work on it. The Lake Erikson Games Inc. along with Shigeru Miyamoto, made the project of the first part. So Satoru mentioned a new version of Wii Party is going to release, but until December 27th, 2014, no release date was confirmed. In January 2015, a new trailer for Mario Party 10 was released. so Satoru begins to work with them for the first time with Lake Erikson and Shigeru. Lake Erikson confirmed the name for the game, since there was a Wii Party U title. And in February 1st, Lake Erikson has to confirm a sidekick for Party Phill, his name is "Party Pitt" He was confirmed in 5 of the sub-games that appear in this game.


There are returning sub-games from Wii Party U in this game.

GamePad Party

GamePad Island (Returning from WPU)

GamePad Boardwalk

Sketchy Situation (Returning from WPU)

The Swappy Race

GamePad Lavaland

Mii In A Row (Returning from WPU)

Sketchland Adventure

Remote Party

Highway Rollers (Returning from WPU)

Flower Forest (Party Pitt appears in this sub-game)

Mii Fashion Plaza (Returning from WPU)

Lost and Found Square (Returning from WPU)

1 and 2, How do you do? (Party Pitt appears in this Sub-game)

Rocket Adventure

Name that Face (Returning from WPU)

Alternate Party

Feed Mii (Returning from WPU, but 8 fast food shops instead of 2) (Party Pitt appears in this Sub-game along with Party Phill)

The Balldozer (Returning from WPU)

The Mii Adventure Fields

Party Pitt's Everest (Party Pitt appears in this sub-game)

Minigame Party

Minigames Collection

Dojo Domination (Returning from WPU)

A Mechanic Situation (Party Pitt appears in this sub-game)


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