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Wii Music: Battle of the Bands is a music game for the Wii being made by Wand Co.. It could be considered a sequel to Wii Music, but it is more of a remake. In this game, you can name your band and make up your own music. Though you will probably need to use a song template, and then edit it. You can also make up your own lyrics.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is almost exactly like that of Wii Music. You swing the Wii Remote or press 1 and 2 to make sounds out of the instrument your playing. If the instrument does not require you to press 1 and 2, you can press A, B, C, or Z to make different note sounds.

  • Swing Wii Remote: G Note
  • Swing Wii Remote w/A: A Note
  • Swing Wii Remote w/B: B Note
  • Swing Wii Remote w/C: C Note
  • Swing Wii Remote w/Z: D Note
  • Swing Nunchuk: G Note (Lower Pitch)
  • Swing Nunchuk w/A: E Note
  • Swing Nunchuk w/B: F Note
  • 1 Button: High Pitch Vocals
  • 2 Button: Low Pitch Vocals


  • Electric Guitar
  • Banjo
  • Tambourine
  • Hand Clap
  • Beatboxer
  • DJ Turntables
  • Rapper
  • Singer
  • Piano
  • Bongo's
  • Rock Drums
  • Bass



Here, create a name for your band. Then post it here. State the band members (must be Miis), what they play, what genre of music you play, and (optionally) post a song your band would play. Most importantly, state the user who made the band ( in this case, yourself).

Blue Hawks

  • Members: Thomas, Ryan, Austin.
  • Instruments: Austin - DJ Turntables. Ryan - Beatboxer. Thomas - Rapper
  • Genre: Electronic/Rap
  • Songs: Escape.
  • Creator: Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)

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