Wii Me

Wii Me Logo

The Wii Me is a system made by Zeg  and Nintendo


The system has two packeges, The Basic that has the system, a controller and a game. Then there is the Advanced that has the system, two controllers and two games. Both can play Gamecube, Wii, Wii U and Wii Me games and connect to Broadband Internet and Wifi. It can also connect to DS's and 3DS's.


Super Mario 3D Me

WarioWare Quik Clik

Super Smash Bros: Final Attack (TBA)

Untitled Sonic and Mario game (TBA)


Basic Controller

It is like a Wii U Pro Controller.


It looks like a SNES mouse but it is wireless


It is a basic typing Keybored, it has the color of the Famicom

Old Controllers

The Wii Me can use the Wii U gamepad for some games, same with the Wiimote. 



The Eshop can download games that are made by most companies.

Game Maker

There will soon be a page for this

Google Chrome

This is Google Chrome for the Wii Me.

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