Wii Hockey is a Sports game for the Wii and is an installment in the Wii Series. It is made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc) and is inspired by Mario Sports Mix. It is played with the Wii Remote held sideways.

Wii Hockey
WiiHockey logo
Developer(s) Lemmykoopa24
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)
June 18th, 2011
Campaign, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Wii Disc

Gameplay & Control

The gameplay is like that of the Mario Sports Mix version of hockey. You skate around a rink (difference between this and MSM is that the rink is much bigger) and try to get the puck past the enemy goaltender. When you pick a Mii, the team you go on depends on the color of your Mii. You are allowed to have as many players as you want, but you need at least 5. You can train the Miis that you don't use and then change their color to put them on your team later. In the campaign, the Miis that are on other teams are the Miis that you can't use. When you start a campaign, you will only be able to use Miis of the same color of the Mii that you picked. Their skill level is determined by 2 factors, Training and Size. If your player is at the maximum height and/or width, they will have a good checking ability and make a good goaltender, however, because it is so easy to alter size, the size changes have costs too, such as maybe slower movement. Training is much harder to do, but does not come with any penalties.

  • D-Pad - Move
  • B Button - Swap Player control.
  • 1 Button - Pass
  • 2 Button - Shoot, Hold for Slapshot. When on defense, check.


The team you join is determined by the color of the Mii you pick. All teams are based in Canadian locations.

  • Red Mii - London Cardinals
  • Orange Mii - Alberta Dragons
  • Yellow Mii - Whycocomagh Solar System
  • Lime Green Mii - Regina Swarm
  • Green Mii - Stratford Pines
  • Blue Mii - Fredricton Stompers
  • Light Blue Mii - Dartmouth Juggernauts
  • Pink Mii - Saskatoon Giants
  • Purple Mii - Les Survivants du Gaspé
  • Brown Mii - Westmount Beavers
  • Black Mii - Victoria Apocalypse
  • White Mii - Fearless Angels of Camrose

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