Wii Fit Trainer
Wii Fit Trainer Smash Bros
SSB Wii Fit Series
Availability Default
Series Wii Fit
First Appearance Wii Fit (2007)
Home Stage Wii Fit Studio
Final Smash Wii Fit


The Wii Fit Trainer is a role in the Wii Fit series filled by a female or male fitness instructor. In the Wii Fit games, the Wii Fit Trainers instruct the player during fitness exercises (typically those involving mimicking yoga poses) by posing in a way that the player then has to mimic, and telling them what to do. The Wii Fit Trainers also offer the players encouragement and advice.
Source: Super Smash Bros. Wiki


- : Sun Salutation - The Wii Fit Trainer enters the Sun Worship pose and charges a yellow energy ball. Like Samus' Charge Shot, the projectile grows in size as it charges, though it charges much quicker than said move while dealing less knockback. If released at full charge, heals the Wii Fit Trainer by 2%. A reliable KO move if boosted by Deep Breathing. Wii Fit Trainer will either yell "Salute the sun!" or simply shout when firing at full charge. (5% (uncharged), 18% (fully charged))

> : Header-  Heads a soccer ball sideways and headbutts opponents. The Wii Fit Trainer can hit the ball early if the special button is pressed, making the ball fly at different angles. The headbutt gives a slight vertical boost, and can meteor smash if hit by the Wii Fit Trainer's headbutt. (15% (clean headbutt), 10% (late headbutt))

^ : Super Hoop -  Twirls upwards surrounded in hoops that can cause damage. Wii Fit Trainer can ascend higher and faster if the special button is mashed, which gives much better height. At the end of the move, the hoops fall and can hit opponents. (5%)

v : Deep Breathing -  Wii Fit Trainer takes a deep breath. When used correctly, it heals 2% and increases attack power by 30%, making many of her attacks better KO moves. Has a long cooldown after a use, successful or not, and the Wii Fit Trainer is unable to complete another Deep Breathing until the current buff ends. (0%)

F : Wii Fit -  Fires several multicolored yoga poses forward, each shoving back all opponents caught. (5%, 4%, 3% (based on position and timing))

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