Wii Deluxe
Developer(s) PumpkIn games
Manufacturer(s) Nintendo
Product Family Wii
Console Type Wii
Release Date(s)
January 10th 2018
Discontinued January 10th 2030
Online Play, Multiplayer, High resolution graphics, Tons of games, Compatible with Wii games, Gamecube games and WiiU games, has a Internet and Youtube system.
Predecessor WiiU

The Wii Deluxe is a Next Gen gaming system coming out in 2018 created by PumpkIn games. It already has a few upcoming games that will be coming up. It looks like a blue Wii with 2 different disk trays (One for Wii, WiiU, and its own games and the other for Gamecube games). Much like the Wii, it comes with a remote control/controller and a nunchuck.


Super Mario World: Deluxe Edition

Forgotten Warriors

Announced Games

Wario's Secret World Paper Mario: Time

Star Wars: The Force Within

Sonic Adventure 3: Shadow Vs. Eggman

Brawl Family

Codename: M

Protect: M

Mario & Luigi Ultra Adventure

Nintendo MMO

Legend Of Zelda: Link Between Ages

Yoshi's Musicbox

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